WebFour is platform-building Web 4.0 with its community. The project’s blockchain, which is in development, aims to come from meme-based roots to create a strong community movement.

The team behind WebFour aims to bring together people from across the world to create a better, fully decentralized space for developers and users. WebFour is truly the people’s web, and all developers will be welcomed with incentives to help WebFour build the future.

The WebFour platform is taking things to the next level by introducing a Web 4.0 play-to-earn GameFi platform and nonfungible tokens that add huge utility to WebFour’s token, WEBFOUR.

The team highly values the input of its retail user base. That is why it is working on making it easy for anyone to access and buy WEBFOUR tokens globally. The team has proposed a way to reach retail adoption by offering the option to purchase the native token via credit or debit card.

What inspired the WebFour concept?

WebFour is created by a group of full-stack developers seeking to create a truly decentralized future. The concept from its project came from the back and forth between Tesla CEO Elon Musk and former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey arguing whether Web3 is just a centralized platform with a different label. Dorsey argued that the new iteration of the web is owned by venture capitalists and their liquidity providers.

This revelation inspired the WebFour team to come together and build Web 4.0, a completely decentralized entity. The project’s backers have committed their resources to provide initial liquidity for the platform. 

The token developers aim to work together with the crypto community to build an actual Web 4.0. The goal is to use the funding collected from WEBFOUR to bring a new revolution on the internet and make decentralization accessible to everyone. The WEBFOUR token will start as a memecoin, but community backing will help it evolve into a movement.

Join the WEBFOUR community

WebFour backers plan to foster more community involvement through meme contests, rewards for social activity, etc. WEBFOUR is currently being audited to guarantee users that they are investing in a safe and reliable token.

To connect with the community and learn how WebFour is building the future Web 4.0, check out the pages below:

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