The Welups is founded in Dubai which is a new blockchain Identity platform that can easily be integrated with a wide range of other technological industries. The platform can execute with outstanding high-performance scalability, making it a viable alternative to the current decentralized networks.

The IDShare eKYC core and platform’s infrastructure rely heavily on the Welups blockchain in developing the world's first identity platform that transforms the way consumers use social media and engage with companies. 

Mobile wallets, as well as NFT-based apps, are all part of the user-focused application layer provided. Both individuals and businesses will rely on the fact that the information they get is authentic and will never be subjected to cyber fraud.

In order to develop and contribute in a rapidly fast-growing blockchain sector, a quarterly event, 'Outside The Block' bringing together blockchain experts, business leaders, innovators, and startups from across the globe for a day of learning and networking with other local and international firms from all over the world is held every year started in 2018. This event is powered by Welups foundation and one of its strategic partners is Omanee corporation. 

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Connecting the whole Welups ecosystem with a wide range of useful applications is made possible by Welups Blockchain (WELUPS), a WRC-20-based token and native currency for the Welups platform and ecosystem, and it is completely compatible with TRC-20 and ERC-20. 

WELUPS is a cryptocurrency designed to offer a secure method of making cross-border payments for banks and payment providers.

Additionally, Welups blockchain supports DEXs and DeFi platforms both inside and outside of its ecosystem natively, offering its primary cryptocurrency's token holders a wide variety of methods to profit from Wel.

As a platform for identity verified social networking apps, digital banking, credit services, and a platform to link worldwide transactions, Welups has everything it needs to succeed.

About Welups blockchain

Welups is the first blockchain-based identity platform in the world. It has been created to be compatible with a broad variety of other technical solutions. Welups is a feasible alternative to the existing decentralized networks because of its remarkable high-performance scalability.

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