Ever thought your posts could be worth something? With MintStargram.tech, they can be!

NewYork, 1 NOV 2023 - A fresh trend is emerging in Arbitrum One, the layer-two solution developed by the Arbitrum Foundation to enhance Ethereum's scalability. There's a cool new platform in town, and it's called MintStargram.tech. Think of it as your favorite social media app, but with a twist - you can turn your posts into something valuable!

Let's talk about mintstargram.tech, one of the most talked-about projects on Arbitrum. Data from arbiscan.io indicates that the Arbitrum chain achieved an all-time high of 13.7 million unique wallet addresses (with a daily increase of 23,000). Mintstargram.tech seeks to draw in millions of new non-crypto users. The platform doesn't feel like a standard crypto interface; rather, it evokes the feel of familiar social media apps. The choice to avoid technical terms was wise, making the app seem simple and user-friendly. Yet, behind its uncomplicated exterior, there's a powerful system that turns complex tasks into easy-to-use buttons.

What's MintStargram.tech all about?

MintStargram.tech is like the social media you know, but it lets you make your posts into special digital collectibles called NFT-KEYs. It's a fun way to share and even earn from what you post.

Cool things you can do:

  • Turn posts into NFT-KEYs: Just like making a regular post like text, picture or video, but now it can be a collectible!
  • Buy and sell NFT-KEYs: Find cool posts from others and add them to your collection.
  • Special area for NFT-KEY holders: Got a KEY from your favorite content creator? There's a private chat room for all NFT-KEY holders with exclusive content of your favorite creator.

How to get started

  1. Sign up: Make an account with your email and password.
  2. Set up your profile: Add your other social media and make your profile cool.
  3. Setup your MetaMask wallet: Before you can turn posts into KEYs, you'll need to set up your MetaMask wallet. It's a digital wallet to keep your NFT-KEYs safe.
  4. Start posting: Share photos, videos, or just thoughts and turn them into KEYs.
  5. Make friends: Follow people, get followers, and have fun!

A word from the makers

"We wanted to make something fun and different. With MintStargram.tech, you can share like always, but also get a little extra from it," says Founder/CEO Cihan Sasmaz, the brain behind it all.

Want to know more? Reach out to:

Mintstargram DMCC

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates