On Aug. 25, 2022, the WhiteBIT cryptocurrency exchange debuted its native token. Four weeks after being added, WhiteBIT Token is moving on to the next world-leading crypto platform. On Sept. 22, at 11 am (UTC), the WBT/USDT trading pair also became available on Huobi.

WhiteBIT Token became famous before its launch due to a list of bonuses and privileges it provides. The crypto community is still showing great interest in owning WBT. Users bought the first million tokens just 15 minutes after launch. 

WhiteBIT Token provides exclusive opportunities to its holders:

  • Reduced maker and taker fees
  • Free Anti-Money Laundering checks
  • Free withdrawals of ERC-20 tokens
  • Up to 50% referral rates.

The token’s creators also announced that more WBT use cases are coming as the exchange plans to integrate the asset into the state economy sector later.

WBT is also known for its price, as it became worth $7.08 after the first week of trading, with an initial price of $1.9. WhiteBIT aims to support the overall interest through weekly burnings. It bought and destroyed over 4 million tokens for $22,609,198. WhiteBIT will use the combustion mechanism until it has destroyed 50% of the total supply of 400 million tokens.

A strong marketing campaign also backs WBT. The first trading competition and an airdrop were an instant success, attracting more and more attention to the young, promising asset. It is clear that WBT has a well-balanced strategy, and new achievements await it shortly.