Canada, November 2, 2021: A new online trading pool, KB Crypto, is making huge waves over the investment scene of late. The cutting-edge AI-based trading pool has recently announced that its fund has produced a whopping 400%+ ROI, enabling KB Crypto to release a sizable average weekly payout ranging from $2,000 to $3,000 per week. The pool went live in February this year with an average of 5-15% ROI.

KB Crypto is gaining traction as a credible trading platform online and has been featured widely by some of the most esteemed financial channels including the likes of Digital Journal, Market Watch and Yahoo Finance.

Secrets behind proliferating ROI

The AI-based KB Crypto pool banks on the right technology and are backed by winning strategies. Its proprietary software allows it to generate big volumes of ROI with its investment pool.

Devon Edwards, hedge fund manager and founder of KB Crypto, stated:

“We conduct automated trading through a cutting-edge proprietary trading system as well as AI-based algorithms that constantly keep a tab on opportunities in the market to capitalize on. A major reason why we are able to produce higher returns for everyone is that we pool in all investments together which automatically gives us a larger pool. The bigger the pool, the higher the return. The process further helps us to offer everyone the same chances (in regard to ROI) as major investors.”

Another reason that enables KB Crypto to generate higher ROI is its wider trading scope. Although the trading pool has “Crypto” in its name, it covers all the major investment markets including foreign currency, commodities, equity and indices in addition to crypto. KB Crypto caters to traders not only in the USA but also in Canada and other countries of the world.

12 tier investment portal

Unlike many other trading pools that mostly cater to high-roller investors, KB Crypto believes in offering equal opportunity for all, irrespective of the investor’s financial background. In that light, the trading pool has come up with as many as 12 tiers of investment levels that range from a nominal $200 to a lofty $100 thousand. Investors are able to take part in the pool just as per their specific investment budget and needs.

Automated weekly payouts

One of the crucial reasons behind the growing popularity of KB Crypto is its guarantee of automated payouts. Once an investor makes the deposit and chooses the investment tier, their work is done. All they would have to do now is to relax and enjoy weekly payouts in Bitcoin (BTC) from KB Crypto every Saturday. 

“One of our major USPs lies in our guaranteed weekly payments. If you invest in a crypto coin, say, even a highly popular one like Shiba, you know you would ‘probably’ make it big ‘someday.’ But think about it, you don’t exactly know ‘when’ and how long is it going to take to reap your ROI from your investment. But, there is no such guess work hassle with our trading pool. Once you invest in our trading pool, you are ‘guaranteed’ to receive automated payouts every Saturday. With us you can make thousands per week with a one-time investment.”

KB Crypto also offers a 3% referral bonus to members who refer anyone to the trading pool.

Open and transparent

KB Crypto also stands out with its open business policy. The company maintains complete transparency and even offers members full access to the company accounts, deposits, withdrawals, trading history and so on.

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