• The Vietnam-based game studio has acquired the rights to three renowned blockchain games
  •  Realms of Ethernity, Kart Racing League and Black Magic Network will be developed by world-class blockchain gaming studio
  • Launch of WTT token to unify the games’ communities and pave the way for a play-and-earn ecosystem

Hanoi, Vietnam (November 10, 2022) – Wild Thunder Singapore Pvt Limited, the world-class Web3 game development studio based out of Vietnam, is thrilled to announce it has fully acquired rights, IP and property related to three of the most highly anticipated cryptocurrency projects: Realms of Ethernity, Kart Racing League and Black Magic Network, from Dubai-based investment company DIG International.

More of a gaming ecosystem than a mere studio, Wild Thunder Game Studio is rapidly emerging as a world-class digital infrastructure and a mature game development studio with a passion for creating top-notch games and NFT collections that surpass anything else in the market when it comes to quality, originality and sheer excitement.


Amid the current and temporary turmoil in the crypto market, Wild Thunder remains focused on building the highest quality projects. The team believes the market will make a full recovery and then some, and the appetite for revolutionary play-to-earn games will be stronger than ever. Therefore, acquiring these games from DIG became a no-brainer.

Also, to that end, and in response to the current global financial winter affecting the crypto market, Wild Thunder has created the Wild Thunder Token (WTT), which will offer an additional layer of insurance and increased value to all of Wild Thunder project’s loyal tokenholders.

Dustin Nguyen, co-founder of Wild Thunder, explains it best:

“This is an exciting time for us as we are becoming more than just a studio, and investors and Wild Thunder token holders can look forward to sharing revenue that will come from these projects whether that be sales, NFT royalties or, in the case of Realms of Ethernity, marketplace fees.”

Unifying all benefits into one token — shared revenue, shared royalties, shared net sales and shared distributions — allows unfettered access to all of Wild Thunder Studio’s projects and an opportunity to earn passive income.

Dustin stressed that the play-to-earn mechanics come second in Wild Thunder’s games. First and foremost, the focus is on making the games captivating and the right level of challenging, hence the term play-and-earn, indicating that users would play the games regardless of the revenue model. All of the exciting and innovative games developed by Wild Thunder Studio certainly boast a free-to-play version as well.


Lilli Brant, DIG’s newly appointed CEO, is happy to hand over the reins of game development to Wild Thunder. She said:

“We’re really pleased to get the deal done. We know it’s what the community wants and I think it aligns with the vision I have for DIG to strictly be a consultancy that works hand in hand with businesses from all industries across the world to help them transition to Web3 and the metaverse, and capitalize on massive upwards potential, which is the only way we can fulfil our mission to create a fully decentralized world. We are thrilled to support Dustin’s vision of Wild Thunder becoming a global gaming ecosystem. We wish Dustin all the best, and will continue to support him with financing for the foreseeable future.”

Based in Hanoi, Vietnam, and home to over 120 designers — 2D and 3D game artists and game developers — the Wild Thunder Game Studio is one of the best blockchain game development studios in the world, as well as a Hollywood-quality production and animation studio, crafting world-class gaming experiences and blockchain projects, enthralling gamers worldwide through a reliable and universal tokenomics system powered by blockchain technology.

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