Winner Block, a leader in decentralized spin-to-win games, is evolving with its V2 update on Pancakeswap, which was released September 15, 2022.

From its inception, Winner Block has been a platform founded on blockchain innovation. As a result, much of the focus from Winner Block's technical team has been on creating more interesting, optimized products — the platform’s V2 update is no different.

This update, which went live on September 15, 2022, marks a significant milestone for both the Winner Block team and its community. With this release, users should notice some important improvements planned with this update. These developments went live separately for the Winner Block token, WBlock, and the decentralized games offered in its Web3 app.

Winner Block represents more than just a platform for gaming, as the Winner Block team continues to demonstrate that the platform is a huge stride forward for the future viability of various Web3 apps.

Although Winner Block is first and foremost a decentralized gaming platform, providing users with a user-friendly hub to play various games in its fully working web app, it also aims to rapidly bridge the gap between the slowly connecting worlds of Web2 gaming and Web3 internet. With cleverly integrated tokenomics, players can use the WBlocks stored in their connected crypto wallet to play Winner Block and participate in games at three different levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Access is granted through a one-of-a-kind NFT that users automatically mint by participating in gameplay.

As part of Winner Block’s mission and motto, Winner Block strives to set the opportunity to win, competitively high compared to centralized offerings, and is combined with free spin-to-win games, which are playable once a day for free. The Winner Block decentralized application (DApp) also incorporates other play-to-win opportunities.

Introducing V2

One of the major updates allows the migration contract to automatically transfer the same amount of V2 WBlocks tokens to V1 holders. The main objective of this is so Winner Block can introduce automatic liquidity fees to help stabilize the WBlock V2 price.

This change means users will now receive the full benefit of the new system that can automatically recover and add liquidity to the pool based on a scalable percentage of Pancakeswap sales, an ability that will occur continuously. In other words, users will now have access to an improved and updated DApp.

As a part of this update, Winner Block is also introducing a new system for winning, in which players will win more often than ever before. For more details, users can visit the updated Winner Block white paper. Additionally, players will receive the possibility to participate in more chances to play the Winner Day Wheel in exchange for WBlocks. Players are also being introduced to a new system to claim and buy WCards.

Moreover, players will also be given the chance to purchase and claim multiple WCards at once, thereby saving on gas fees. Other technical optimizations to gain fluidity will also be incorporated throughout the Winner Block platform.

As new developments are made, users can view the progress in an innovative, interactive white paper. The previous standard in documentation has been improved, and the new Winner Block white paper, linked above, has an intuitive user experience.

A dedicated Web3 app for holders to make decisions

These updates clearly reflect Winner Block's main values to continue providing transparency and building a better world for Web3 gaming. Therefore, it is with excitement that the Winner Block team is announcing that holders are regularly offered charity votes.

To break it down, this means that users will now have the opportunity to vote for a charitable cause that matters to them. The first charity vote has already been successful, and another $10,000 USD donation is planned for whenever the Winner Block app is ready.

Holders will also be able to vote about important questions and propositions regarding the Winner Block platform, demonstrating the reality that "at Winner Block, every holder has the opportunity to improve the project."

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