Woonkly is ready to kick off its nonfungible token (NFT) game with new vigor. 

The world’s first-ever decentralized meta-social network has some never-before-seen functionalities underway to bring NFTs to the mainstream. A key highlight of the platform will be a multichain NFT dashboard that gives a bird’s-eye view of a user’s unique digital collectibles.

Woonkly v2 will make NFTs technically and financially feasible for all. 

An inclusive vision

The NFT space is fragmented, as is most of Web3. If this continues, NFTs will have a hard time finding their way to the masses. 

Woonkly aims to change this. 

“In OpenSea and other marketplaces, only the native collections of their platforms appear. On the contrary, in Woonkly, users will be able to explore all the collections of NFTs created on BNB Smart Chain, Ethereum and Avalanche, regardless of which marketplaces they were created on,” said Daniel Santos, CEO of Woonkly. 

Mr. Santos, as he is known on YouTube, laid the foundation of Woonkly with a vision to empower people from different backgrounds through NFTs. The platform ushers in a new era of skill monetization, harnessing the potential of Web3. Woonkly v2 will take this vision up a notch. 

The siloed existence of the NFT space leaves the industry largely unexplored. Many inexperienced people are left out of the new market, despite its vast trove of opportunities. 

In the present circumstances, creating an NFT collection with rich rarities is not a layman’s game. One needs to be tech-savvy to get started or well-funded to hire a developer and should have access to different resources, including advanced analytic tools. Moreover, they have to approach NFT marketplaces that have a reputation for censuring. 

“This is one of the realities that we at Woonkly have set out to change with a user-friendly interface and features such as free NFT mining, mixed royalties, fractional NFTs and the opportunity for content creators to stay on Woonkly to create content. Additionally, they can create collections of NFTs of layered rarities, mint them and create landing pages for their projects to make themselves known and commercialize them,” Santos said. 

Seven NFT tools, one platform

Woonkly will be just like any other social media platform. It will allow users to create posts, connect with influencers and brands, follow activity, express opinions and share posts. However, there is more. All posts on Woonkly — images, videos, GIFs, 3D models or audio — are converted into NFTs and then uploaded to the InterPlanetary File System by default. 

Users will also find a comprehensive NFT marketplace here: a directory and explorer for NFTs created on other platforms and different networks, a layered NFT collection builder with custom rarity percentages, advanced NFT rarity data and analytics and an integrated landing page builder with detailed project information.

Decentralized finance integration is in the pipeline. Once it’s live, users will be able to stake their WOOP, the native currency of Woonkly, and generate passive income from the platform. Other interesting features include magic boxes, private NFTs, fractional NFTs and mixed royalties. 

A project called Woonkly Super Powers, which allows brands and influencers to build their community through different incentivization schemes, is also underway.