X Rush, a casual play-to-earn racing game deployed on KuCoin Community Chain (KCC), has announced the upcoming launch of its official initial game offering (IGO) on the KuCoin exchange. The IGO will take place in about a week and features the sale of 9,500 X Racer nonfungible tokens (NFTs).

As per the announcement by the X Rush team, the X Racer NFTs are a set of 10,000 profile picture-utility NFTs on KCC — with 500 for whitelisted users — including humans, zombies, apes, aliens and more with different rarities. The art for each X Racer NFT is hand-drawn by the artist who previously worked on projects such as League of Legends, MU: Awakening, True Red Blade and Red Alert Online, among others.

The X Racer NFTs represent unique customized characters in the game, each with an exclusive combination of headwear, glasses, accessories, outfits, a race, a gender and more. Holders of these X Racer NFTs will be rewarded with a number of perks, which include access to NFT holder-exclusive testnet campaigns, a passive income of 50 XOX tokens per day — subsequently halved every 50 days — the ability to display and feature a profile picture NFT as a unique profile picture in the game, the right to generate invitation codes and invite friends to participate in a variety of reward-given campaigns, and more. 

Most of the X Racer NFTs shall be sold as mystery boxes at 299 Tether (USDT) worth of KuCoin Token (KCS), while some of the rare NFTs in the collection will be sold via an auction mechanism.

Ahead of the IGO, X Rush is also running an initial decentralized exchange offering (IDO) whitelisting campaign for the launch of its native governance token XOX. The IDO whitelisting campaign begins on May 2 at 10 am UTC and ends on May 10 at 10 am UTC.

The campaign features 200 IDO whitelist spots and three free X Racer NFTs for lucky participants. Participants of the campaign are required to complete social tasks in order to accumulate entries and stand a chance at winning the lucky draw. Ideally, the more entries a participant has, the better his chance of winning.

Produced by Penta Studio, X Rush is designed to provide players with an engaging and interactive racing game experience. Players take on the role of AI residents who are racing and fighting against bugs that are destroying metaverses created by AI residents in the post-apocalyptic world. Players can collect their favorite racers and customize racing cars to compete with other players on the leaderboard.

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Currently, the X Rush game is available on both Android and iOS. Players can participate in the IGO and IDO campaigns to be qualified for the upcoming second public beta test and experience the gameplay first-hand to help with providing suggestions to the developers.

The X Rush team plans to add a myriad of features to the game over the course of this year. Some of the more immediate additions that players can expect in the second and third quarters of this year will be the expansion of the metaverse by adding more maps for the players to explore. Players can also expect to see the launch of more game items, in-game events and the in-game social system.

X Rush believes that a strong social system will help retain players in the game and build a prolific community. 

“Sometimes you play the game for fun, but sometimes you play it just because you can make friends in the game and socialize in the game,” said J, a representative of X Rush. 

In order to strengthen X Rush’s vision of a strong community, the team has planned to launch a multiplayer system and interactive marketplace economy by the fourth quarter of this year. Players will be able to trade freely and exchange assets with one another through the launch of this marketplace.

X Rush also recognizes that the fastest way to build a strong and large community is to have a large number of people be able to play the game. Most NFT and blockchain games these days have a high barrier of entry that prevents the game from becoming popular and discovered. That’s why the X Rush team believes that a free-to-play (F2P) model is a must to ensure the widespread adoption of blockchain and NFT gaming. X Rush incorporates this F2P model by offering new users a free X Car so that they can test out the game mechanics before deciding to invest in the game. This flexibility allows for a higher rate of growth in the community.

X Rush also plans to release its open-world model in the first quarter of 2023. This mode will allow players to create and submit their maps and gears, which, if approved, will become available on the global platform for all players to access and play.

About X Rush

X Rush is a casual shooting GameFi project powered by Unity 3D engine and compatible with most Web3 wallets. Recently, X Rush completed a $10-million seed round with KuCoin, which gives X Rush full support in marketing, its community, initial exchange offerings, IDOs, public relations and more to co-build the next-generation GameFi hit. X Rush is also seeking partners for the private round to strengthen its impact and community further.

To find out more, visit xrush.io.