Xave World Metaverse is a decentralized music space that is based entirely on diverse experiences for creators and their communities. 

Xave Coin (XVC), the official currency of the Xave World Metaverse, is achieving resounding success by selling out for the third consecutive time in a few hours with a private pre-sale to the community and the first and second rounds of its initial exchange offering (IEO) in ProBit Global.

The third round of the IEO starts on Wednesday, March 23, at probit.com/en-us/ieo/xvc-round1/2

Xave World immerses the user in a constantly expanding and changing open virtual world, where they can explore new places, play, create and interact in extraordinary ways in various spaces that will lead them to live unique experiences and face-to-face with their favorite artists and musical styles.

The user is not only discovering a new city full of music but also being part of what makes it great through their own creations, experiences and interactions with other fans or by attending incredible shows, concerts and festivals. 

With its own decentralized cryptocurrency economy, XVC, users and artists of Xave World will be able to access various traditional gamified experiences. These experiences include the purchase and sales of official and collectible digital assets — nonfungible tokens (NFTs) — linked or unlinked to music, the purchase of tickets to enjoy on-demand content and attending concerts and exclusive events that only take place in the city.

What’s in Xave World? 

Xave World proposes to gamify the traditional aspects of music consumption through endless entertainment opportunities that, due to its metaverse nature, increase generating new unique experiences day after day. There are new places to explore, the constant intake of new exclusive content to enjoy in the theater network, events and concerts in the legendary Arena stadium, the opening of new official stores, sales of skins, new interactions between users, the release of musical NFTs from artists worldwide and much more.

  • Custom avatars — Users will be able to create an original avatar: a character based on themselves.
  • Explore new cities — Xave World is an ever-expanding metaverse that is constantly seeking to add new cities and experiences for its users. Initially, the four great spaces that stand out in the Xave World Metaverse include GoMusic City, Alala, Wantaji and Fest City.
  • NFT market — Users will be able to buy, store, exchange and sell NFTs safely through the official market that is integrated with Xave World: Xave Market. 
  • NFT experiences — The experiences are a bonus and exclusive gift that the user receives when buying an NFT. These attributes are unique and invaluable and are usually digital, such as virtual access to exclusive audiovisual content or an image, web or 3D experience in the metaverse or on an application. Experiences can also be offline as merchandising, commemorative plaques, VIP access to face-to-face concerts, meet-and-greets and more. 
  • Play-to-earn — Users can earn rewards in XVC, NFTs or various experiences by simply watching content, participating in contests and surveys, reaching goals, searching for items, performing actions and more.
  • Live events — Xave Arena is the innovative Xave World stadium, where in addition to witnessing live broadcasts via streaming, fans will be able to experience concerts and exclusive events in a 100% virtual format — including avatars of their favorite artists modeled in 3D — and be able to interact with the artists and other fans in unprecedented ways.
  • Theaters — Xave World has a chain of theaters called GoMusic Theater, in which users can buy their tickets to see and enjoy various shows by different established and emerging artists from worldwide.

There’s still more

Xave World has various stores of different digital and physical products in the metaverse, as well as meeting points for the community such as bars and squares. Xave World is not only a proposal for users and artists, but it is also a great opportunity for companies and businesses. It is able to stand out and promote itself through advertising posters distributed throughout the city or going one step further — creating its own building full of experiences.

Xave World proposes to empower creators and be the home for musicians, DJs, producers and music fans of all genres.

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