XGo, the rising alternative to neo banks, is pleased to announce the addition of three highly anticipated tokens, RUNE, STX and CFX, to its platform. This development further solidifies XGo’s position as a leading player in the crypto space.

RUNE, the native token of the THORChain network, serves as a settlement, security asset, governance and incentive tool, enabling decentralized swaps and seamless cross-chain transactions within the THORChain ecosystem.

STX, also known as Stacks, introduces a Bitcoin layer for smart contracts, enabling seamless utilization of Bitcoin as an asset and settling transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain.

CFX, the native token of Conflux, powers a public layer–1 blockchain designed for decentralized applications, ecommerce and Web3 infrastructure. With its focus on scalability, decentralization and security, Conflux simplifies the transfer of valuable assets, providing quick and cost-effective transactions. By listing CFX, XGo is continuing to support the growth of the DeFi ecosystem and offers users access to a promising token.

XGo remains dedicated to curating a diverse selection of tokens that demonstrate strong fundamentals and growth potential. The addition of RUNE, STX and CFX reaffirms XGo’s commitment to empowering its users and fostering a thriving crypto-trading environment.

Withdrawals and open trading for spot trading pairs including RUNE/USDT, RUNE/BTC, STX/USDT, STX/BTC, CFX/USDT and CFX/BTC are currently open. The actual status of withdrawals can be viewed on the withdrawal page. To start trading RUNE, STX and CFX and explore over 170 trading pairs, visit the XGo platform.

About XGo

XGo is a rising alternative to neo banks that is positioned at the intersection of traditional finance and crypto. XGo combines a payments bridge between the old and new system with a comprehensive suite of crypto-powered financial services that surpass the limitations of traditional banking.