Canto, a fast-growing layer-1 (L1) blockchain solution in the Cosmos (ATOM) ecosystem has recently been listed on XGo, a leading crypto and digital finance firm.

Canto is on a mission to make decentralized finance (DeFi) free to use by providing the best execution layer and incentivizing original development work while making new systems accessible, transparent and fully decentralized. Since its inception in August 2022, Canto has enjoyed a rapid ascent due to its vision of delivering on the early promises of DeFi.

The technology is built with the Cosmos software development kit on top of the Tendermint Core Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT) consensus methodology. Spearheaded by a group of DeFi advocates, the project has successfully grown organically since its launch and has now emerged as a key player within the Cosmos ecosystem.

Similarly, XGo believes the crypto industry has shifted focus to quick wins, and efforts are directed toward trading and speculation rather than everyday use cases. Thus, the platform was built to give people the power to shape their financial future and put control back in the hands of the people through its digital wallet solution that serves as a bank replacement.

A long-time crypto researcher and NFT enthusiast with an accumulated six years of trading experience and four years of active community management, the head of listings and community at XGo, pseudonymous “Digi516,” was delighted to share their thoughts on the listing of CANTO on XGo, stating:

“What strikes me about Canto is the team’s grassroots approach to development, funding and distribution — a focus on community and organic growth, without compromise on its core tenets. I share a lot of their community values and I am excited to see them integrated and listed on the XGo platform.” 

Together through this listing, both XGo and Canto will be able to create, reach and add value for both the communities and stakeholders of DeFi.

Through XGo, withdrawals and open trading for spot trading pairs including CANTO/USDT opened at 11:00 am UTC. The actual status of withdrawals can be viewed on the withdrawal page.