which opened it’s Pre ICO sale 3 weeks ago is entering into it’s last week, opens its community forum and white papers. an ethereum derived blockchain released it’s business white paper and technical summary to the blockchain community today. had opened it’s Pre ICO three weeks ago.

XinFin Business white paper unveils it’s plans to connect real world IoT enabled devices and projects to XinFin XDC blockchain to enable transacting and peer to peer financing. The architecture has been designed to provide retail, enterprise and Government applications.

“XinFin XDC is shortly entering into a Pilot project that will connect cloud connected IoT enabled water purifier ATM machines in remote parts of Africa, India and other asian countries. The local municipalities unable to raise capital for such critical infrastructure projects can allow transparent reporting of real time usage and statistics of the device. Global Financiers can directly fund the device to provide affordable facilities for locals. XinFin has also designed repayment architecture that allows the revenues from the usage of these equipments to be repaid to the investors at nominal interest rates using the XDC platform. This model once proven successfully can be implemented to finance an entire hospital with real time statistics or even Toll Roads. In the consumer equipments lending architecture, investors can directly finance Farm Equipments such as tractors. The architecture once proven can be used by authorised and regulated entities locally.” said Alex Mathbeck, Head of marketing for

“The world can use XinFin technology to bridge $5 trillion infrastructure deficit.” added Mr. Alex.

“XinFin is also readying it’s global trade and finance focused marketplace portal, to start pilots with real world enterprises which can facilitate peer to peer trade and finance with real time settlement. This process takes months today and most of the times can not be facilitated by limitations of the FIAT mechanism.” is building it’s own version derived out of Ethereum codebase that is better suited for these business cases. The Technical summary released to the community unveils that XinFin is currently forking the open source Ethereum codebase to allow Gerant nodes or master nodes for fast transaction processing times. XinFin blockchain is a permissioned distributed network which means it will not be open to public for mining. The miners will be evaluated and will be required to follow military grade standards to host a gerant node. The design is meant to address to major issues with Blockchains today. i.e security and scalability. XinFin is also building a Hybrid architecture that can connect public ethereum blockchain and public bitcoin blockchain to it’s permissioned environment through a secure layer.

XinFin also opened it’s community forum for participation on

The Pre ICO is nearing its last week and early backers can follow the steps at the following site to buy XDC Pre ICO tokens :

Company name: Xinfin Foundation

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Company contacts: Alex Mathbeck