comes with the release of its new institutional financial market along with its pre-ICO token sale. Xinfin has been building an Ethereum derived XCD network on distributed network with all those features that real world applications and institutions can be benefited from. This is the blockchain platform that is aimed at achieving real world enterprise grade integrations. has recently opened its XDC cryptocurrency pre-ICO token sale for its early backers. The XDC token is being listed on different exchanges.

One of the biggest reasons behind the investors’ interest in this pre-ICO token sale is that this system, backed by native XDC cryptotokens, leverages all the benefits of cryptocurrency systems through integration of smart contracts among investors, sellers and buyers (customers). Cross border settlements and XDC based negotiations have also been promoted in this platform. The upcoming CDX pre-ICO token sale that is open to all interested investors is the part of platform’s development roadmap, where investors would be able to purchase many Xchange Infinite Development Agreement (XDC) tokens. Looking at the scale of our project and our strategy to go in for ICO with a multiple real world products and solutions, our Pre ICO will go on for 3 weeks and every few days the discount that the buyers get will decrease. It is a very limited time opportunity for it's early backers.

Investors hold huge expectations from XinFin Blockchain Marketplace

XinFin claims to bring various benefits associated with blockchain technology that its marketplace is leveraged upon.

These include:

  • Provision of instant cross border settlement platform via native token XDC
  • Mapping smart contracts to the real-world contracts
  • Using XDC as an incentive to financiers to contribute towards projects
  • Serving as equity exchange over XDC for fundraising of projects

Alex Mathbeck says…

Alex Mathbeck, heading the XinFin’s Marketing, highlights the huge target market of the platform including hospitals seeking machinery acquisition, low income states who want to leverage upon their tourism, counties that are in need of farming equipment & cost effective tools to build infrastructure, and farming institutions that need e-learning and training for hedging external risks.

In response to one of the questions, Mathbeck also justifies the decision to run XDC on its own private distributed network, pointing towards the high latency time of public blockchains that delays real-time payments. He highlights 5 seconds time taken to complete any transaction on XinFin XDC network. The architecture has been derived from Ethereum open source platform but it fully independent of gas and ether. The company is releasing open APIs to use XDC as a payment and settlement mechanism for reward points, global remittances and trading of idle inventories.

Commenting on the Team behind Xinfin, Alex added " is not just team, it’s building a community. Or team is comprised of entrepreneurs, ex-bankers, ex-government officials who are all on a mission to deliver blockchain to solve real problems. Our core team members include an entrepreneur with cloud hosting solutions business with over 10,000 clients, many of them fortune 500s, an entrepreneur who has created ventures in excess of $100 million in value, a ex-world bank executive that has helped in public infrastructure creation, an ex-banker with over a billion dollars in asset management experience. is developing a community of blockchain engineers, programmers, User interface experts, real world integration experts. The team and community bios will be available on the site at the time of it’s marketplace and ICO launch."

XinFin on its way to bridge the global infrastructure financing gap… aims to fill the global infrastructure financing gap of $5 trillion that is escalating disparity between the rich and the poor. Unlike traditional fiat currency financing platforms, XinFin also takes into an account viable projects having low buyer and selling ratings. Xinfin’s decentralized blockchain based market place is equally open to individuals along with businesses, who want to identify and start projects, are seeking crowd sourcing for support and interested in executing trade and finance over xinfin’s network.

What’s coming after XinFin’s Pre-ICO sale?

The Biggest ICO is opening soon…

It is to be noted that XDC pre-ICO sale is for limited time period or till the target funds achieved. The pre-ICO is offering limited number of tokens at around 50 percent discount over the actual ICO Price that is going to be opened in July/August. This is set to be the market’s biggest ICO so far, having based on actual transactions with real world institutions.

At present, investors are keenly looking forward to XDC cryptocurrency pre-ICO token sale due to huge discounts. If you too want to buy token through XDC wallet , follow the instructions at

About XinFin

The Xinfin Foundation is building a strong team of over 100 financiers, blockchain programmers, functional experts and business development personnel all over the world and all the team bios will be available at the time of marketplace launch. The project has opened its pre ICO token offerings in limited numbers for its early backers. The Pre ICO offers at least 50% discount over the ICO price and the discount will reduce every few days. The native blockchain token XDC, powering the platform is being listed on various exchanges.

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