XSL Labs is pleased to announce that the launch of SYL, a token issued on the Binance Smart Chain, will take place on the ProBit Exchange on April 16, 2021.

ProBit is a cryptocurrency exchange based in South Korea that allows the listing of BEP-20 tokens. South Korea is a country that is experiencing great enthusiasm for cryptocurrencies at the moment amid healthy regulations.

Founded in 2018 by one of South Korea’s largest law firms, Kim & Chang, and by the former founder and CEO of Linux International, ProBit now has more than 1 million users. ProBit Exchange is one of the top three exchanges in South Korea and one of the top 30 exchanges in the world.

XSL Labs is proud to launch the SYL, its utility token, on a platform that has been providing reliable and high-quality service to its users for years.

We would also like to take this opportunity to announce the launch of the SDI for Swiss Biometrics, a biometric access control terminal to ensure compliance of biometric data processing with GDPR standards. Thanks to this collaboration, Swiss Biometrics’ facial recognition technology will be usable while leaving the user in full control of their identity and biometric data thanks to XSL Labs’ SDI.

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