2021 has been a year of meteoric growth for most major cryptocurrencies, with almost every major asset now heavily in the green when measured year-to-date.

But without a doubt, the vast majority of this year’s best-performing cryptocurrencies launched following an initial decentralized exchange offering (IDO) — a type of fundraising format employed by decentralized exchanges and launchpads.

Last year’s best-performing asset from an IDO is none other than Bloktopia (BLOK) — a virtual reality metaverse platform centered around a high-tech virtual tower with 21 levels. The platform achieved a whopping 558x return on investment from its IDO price, which means $100 invested in the IDO is now worth more than $55,000.

The XT.com Exchange launchpad had a successful Casper (CSPR) campaign and aided the launch of the Cheesus IDO, which was completed in only 30 seconds.

To enable users access to new tokens with more profit while continuing to strengthen the XT system in the new year, XT.com will usher in a new era of development by rebranding its launchpad to XTStarter.

The reason for rebranding

The original version of the XT Launchpad aimed to drive support and awareness for promising blockchain startups. However, for the strict screening criteria, neither the number of participating projects nor the frequency of activities can fully meet the needs of users. There is also a long lag between the activity time and the official launch time of some projects. In order to further meet the needs of users and increase their participation enthusiasm, XT.com is launching XTStarter, which is an upgraded version of the launchpad. On the new platform, users and XT holders can have more opportunities to participate in discount subscriptions, airdrops and more.

What is XTStarter?

XTStarter is more than a platform for offering tokens. It’s also a full advisory service for projects, which will benefit from our insights and experience. We will ensure that the projects can focus their efforts on where it matters: developing their product and increasing adoption. 

XTStarter: https://www.xt.com/XTStarter

XTStater to offer $5 million in subscriptions

To celebrate its launch, XTStarter will begin by offering a 20% discount on XT tokens followed by more popular currencies in the market.

Event link: https://www.xt.com/XtStarter

XT.com is delighted to announce the release of XTStarter and the opportunities it gives to our users. We will continue to present projects with strong use cases, establish deep partnerships, and provide timely updates on XTStarter.

About XT.com

XT.com Exchange, established in 2018 in Seychelles, with its operational headquarters in Singapore, is the world’s first social-infused digital asset trading platform. The platform has rich trading varieties, such as coin transactions, leveraged transactions, over-the-counter transactions and more. It has operating centers in many countries and regions such as Tokyo, Singapore and Seoul. Currently, XT.com ranks in the top 50 on CoinMarketCap and lists more than 300 digital assets, including mainstream coins, popular decentralized finance, nonfungible tokens and the metaverse.

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