Dubai, June 27, 2022 — The Tales of Xtalnia (XTAL) token is now listed on as an XTAL and Tether (USDT) trading pair. Users will soon have additional investment options with its addition.

XTAL is the fundamental currency of the Tales of Xtalnia ecosystem. Tales of Xtalnia, a multiplayer strategy game with rogue-like mechanics, is a free-to-play, play-to-earn (P2E) blockchain game. Its initial decentralized exchange offering sold out in under six minutes on June 21, 2022. 

Not all blockchain games can strike the necessary balance between compelling gameplay and P2E. Tales of Xtalnia uses an innovative weapon system, multiple game modes, character and party customization, an NFT marketplace and a dual-token economy.

Unlike other party-based, rogue-like blockchain games where players are restrained to playing with one character, Tales of Xtalnia lets players form parties of three, allowing more nonfungible token (NFT) utilization in the game and promoting a healthy demand for the game’s NFT marketplace and tokenomics. 

XTAL can be staked. It has total supply and a well-managed vesting schedule to ensure the price’s stability. 

Most blockchain-based online games focus on player-versus-environment or player-versus-player (PvP) for core gameplay. Tales of Xtalnia offer both gameplay modes, addressing more players with varied preferences.

Traders and crypto enthusiasts worldwide are encouraged to seize a new opportunity in XTAL and help push the token’s mainstream adoption. is dedicated to helping users access the most secure digital assets as it opens its doors for new coin listings. 

Mo Mukarram, head of marketing at, said, “We are all set to add XTAL-trading support on our platform. is here to stay, and it never stops listing promising tokens. We encourage everyone to take advantage [and] trade and transact effortlessly with [the] XTAL [and] USDT [trading pair]. Users can buy in-game items, stake, swap and make purchases using the XTAL token.”

About XTAL

Tales of Xtalnia is a turn-based strategy multiplayer online blockchain game. XTAL is the main token of the game, though is hard to earn in-game and only occasionally given through special events. XTAL is needed for crafting weapons, and the token will be rarely distributed in the first edition of the game. 

Players can earn XTAL only from PvP seasonal rewards given to top finishers — and not more than 1,000 players. Higher-ranking players will receive more XTAL than lower-ranking players. In the future, XTAL can be awarded in guild wars, from world bosses or other added opportunities.



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