The XZ medical data public chain, a data porter for collecting, processing, analyzing and confirming data rights, told Cointelegraph China at a Hub interview on Aug. 19 that nonfungible tokens should be stored on InterPlanetary File System.

According to Guangheng Yuan, founder of XingHe Gongchuang, IPFS is cheaper and more efficient for mobilizing data. He thinks that future data should be placed on IPFS, rather than simply building a cloud on centralized servers such as Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services.

Data privacy on centralized platforms is another reason why we should consider IPFS to store NFTs, Yuan believes. He gave an example, stating that if you said where you intended to travel on WeChat, Meituan would push tourist attractions to you the next day. This is our privacy but our data is not protected, he emphasizes.

In addition, giant companies will monetize data traffic. Another example Yuan cited was that when we book airline tickets, we may find that by spending more time looking at a flight ticket, the ticket price would increase by 300 yuan after a period of time, and then another 300 yuan after some time. This belongs to the problem of data acquaintance, he says. He added that:

“I think this is very unreasonable. You can use my data but you have to reward me because it belongs to my personal privacy data. My use of your product does not mean that my data is shared with you.”

Yuan believes the centralized platform has too much authority and a decentralized blockchain world is the solution. Participating in the XZ medical data public chain is to realize the convenience of big data confirmation, privacy protection, distributed storage, cold storage security and hot adjustment based on the current data storage, as well as the advantage of a decentralized application public chain main network system, according to him.

There are many public chains, but what problems one can solve remain the most critical. The XZ public chain has actually performed a very large optimization for medical application scenarios, says Yuan.

According to him, the amount of medical data is very large because we collect data from the human body, and the data produced by the human body every day is much more than we think. The data we produce in life may seem to be a lot, but our cells are always larger than the data of our entire human life. The amount of information and data produced in the micro world is larger than that produced in the macro world.

Why are human beings in a period of stagnation in the iterative progress of artificial intelligence? Because there is no way to solve the problem of data selection, processing and storage. Distributed storage is actually a good solution to the traffic problem of automobiles. Why can’t AI smart cars be applied to products? It is because there is no way to collect and call accurate traffic information in real-time. The XZ public chain uses IPFS to store data and its advantage is that it can call data well and reduce costs.

In traditional scenarios, a lot of medical data is actually not confidential. Many hospitals may sell the data to pharmaceutical companies or other product development companies for profit.

In fact, medical data is very precious. Many people may not understand the value of medical data, which may be different from other data. In the case of the spread of an unknown disease, hospitals would have to collect cases from many people, and one would not suffice. While cases are very critical in the entire medical field, they are actually data issues. Therefore, the value of the entire medical data in the future will be greater than everyone thinks.

The XZ public chain solves the problem of data retrieval through contracts and also ensures that everyone’s data belongs to their personal assets, says Yuan.

In traditional medical care, the data of many hospitals and equipment are not interoperable, which involves the cost of the entire data. If the data is connected, there would be no communication and data costs, as well as no congestion problems. This is why we must string together all the data on a chain in order to solve more problems quickly.

According to Yuan, through the distributed storage method, the XZ public chain can also solve the problem of decentralized original data intellectual property confirmation.

At present, the project is at the stage of implementing a smart medicine cabinet. It plans to also have some online medical treatment systems in the future, including promotion systems and equipment, and it will reach cooperation with some medical hospitals. Yuan added that:

“We are still in a very early stage. We are currently developing the underlying smart contract based on HECO. Later, we will first expand from the smart contract and make some underlying agreements. From the current point of view, the consensus period is to establish a node consensus.”