With the mobile trend sweeping worldwide, and gaming projects gaining more traction over the crypto space, mobile gaming seems to be the perfect match for blockchain technology. The sector has been a driving force behind the growth of the gaming industry, being responsible for almost 50% of the video game revenue worldwide.

As the penetration rate of mobile and smartphone usage continues to accelerate, it is no wonder that YAY Games, a decentralized gaming marketplace on Avalanche (AVAX), and Binance Smart-chain (BSC), has established a partnership with SmartEcoSystem company to bring an exclusive smartphone product.

YAY Games and AYYA Partnership

“We are pleased to announce the release of a limited batch of the AYYA Bold Point smartphone. YAY Games is launching a truly innovative product on the market, which fully corresponds to our company’s philosophy. AYYA smartphone and Bold Point game represent the development of already familiar products in new directions.” 

– General Director of SmartEcoSystem LLC Vladislav Ivanov

The tier-one mobile company is presenting innovative solutions for getting into new sectors such as gameFi and play-to-earn. The new smartphone presents a unique ecosystem and features set to broaden the scope of the business, making life easier and safer for every user.

Bold Point is an NFT-based card game scheduled to launch the beta version for the fourth quarter (Q4) of 2021. Bold Point aims to improve crypto literacy and create a healthy community filled with positive social interactions. It will allow newcomers to experiment with crypto, mint NFTs, make transactions, and stake assets and all of its mining mechanics without a wallet or any real crypto involved.

Through blockchain technology, YAY Games is giving a new life to traditional “Old School” games. Players can easily immerse in fascinating virtual worlds, earn in-game achievements, and join battles against other players or AI while earning tokens.

After a successful listing on the first Centralized Exchange (CEX), the decentralized gaming marketplace has just released its first play-to-earn game. It plans to release new themes to populate its marketplace consistently. Apart from the multiple mini-game releases, the platform will be a project accelerator for third-party game developers, helping them get into the blockchain.