Yggdrasil (Pronounced ‘IGG-DRA-SIL’) is an ecosystem of DeFi applications. The fundamental vision of Yggdrasil is to create a comprehensive DeFi ecosystem in which every platform has been built to be simple and intuitive to use, requiring no technical knowledge or prior experience.

At the core of this ecosystem is Yggdrasil’s native token, EDDA. The EDDA Public Sale is currently live. EDDA Token holders will be the primary beneficiaries of the success of Yggdrasil, and will benefit from the continued usage and growth of the platforms within the ecosystem, through built-in mechanisms in each of these platforms.

The Yggdrasil Ecosystem consists of the following platforms:

Decentralized Asset Management

Users can deposit their crypto assets into Yggdrasil’s Vaults for automated yield optimization, or into Yggdrasil’s Gain platform to earn interest. The fees generated through these platforms will be distributed to EDDA Token holders.

A special “EDDA Vault” will be available on our Decentralized Asset Management platform. EDDA Token holders will be able to stake their EDDA Tokens in this EDDA Vault, allowing them to earn additional EDDA Tokens.

Similarly, liquidity providers that have provided liquidity to the EDDA / ETH pair on Uniswap will be able to stake their LP Tokens in the EDDA LP Vault, to earn additional EDDA Tokens.

NFT Platform

Yggdrasil has partnered with leading motion graphic designers and 3D artists to create a specially curated collection of digital art and NFTs that will be exclusively accessible to EDDA Token holders. Yggdrasil has already launched 3 NFT Previews, which will be available once the NFT platform is launched after the completion of the EDDA Public Sale.


EDDASwap will facilitate permission-less listing and trading of crypto assets across blockchains such as Ethereum, with added security features such as "Liquidity Lock". A part of the trading fees generated on EDDASwap will be distributed to EDDA Token holders.

Decentralized Launchpad

The Decentralized Launchpad will allow crypto start-ups to raise capital in a decentralized manner, and will provide EDDA Token holders the opportunity to purchase tokens at seed valuations.  

EDDA Public Sale

  • 65% of the EDDA supply, that is, 3250 EDDA Tokens, are being distributed to the community in an open-to-all, transparent public sale.
  • No auctions, bonding curves, or other complexities. Every participant can buy the tokens at the same price.
  • There will be no discounted private sales, pre-sales, or exclusive access to institutional investors at lower valuations. Every interested investor will be required to buy the tokens through the public sale, at the same price and on the same terms as everyone else.

The EDDA Public Sale is currently live at https://ito.yggdrasildefi.com/.

Yggdrasil Team

Yggdrasil has a public facing team which consists of accomplished and experienced professionals, spearheaded by their Founder & CEO Mehul (Mike) Patel. Mehul is a high-impact entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience, having previously grown and exited several successful Internet ventures from Asia to Silicon Valley.  

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