November 25, 2021, ZeroSwap Labs, a leading provider of the multichain compatible product suite, known for its flagship offerings, a token launch platform and Smart Contract as a Service (SCAS) solutions, has successfully launched ZeeDEX, a multichain compatible on-chain swapping platform.

The launch marks a significant landmark in the bigger vision of offering end-to-end multichain compatible integrated solutions across all the stages of a project lifecycle.


ZeeDEX: A step ahead with gasless transactions

ZeeDEX solves the critical challenges of cost and integrates a seamless user experience. BSC today is clocking more than 14 million transactions per day. It is an indication of increased transaction volume and liquidity and, therefore, the vast user base. Thus, launching on BSC gives an excellent value-add for users.

ZeeDEX takes it to the next level by making all the transactions across all chains completely gasless. This means that users can now swap tokens on ZeeDEX at absolutely zero cost. ZeroSwap has taken significant steps to make the wholesome user journey better and thus super convenient for users. Security is perhaps the top-most priority, and hence, the DEX smart contract has been audited.

It’s a win-win value proposition for both businesses and users. The companies, on top of accessing ZeeDO, the IDO platform, can access a more extensive audience base without any extra effort. Users can now do gasless swapping on top of accessing premium IDO deals on the same platform. We have designed more incentives for both businesses and users in the coming times.

In the words of Chandrashekar Ramu, co-founder & CEO of ZeroSwap:

“We are glad to launch a platform that will add significant value to on-chain swaps, launching on Binance Smart Chain is the first but a progressive step towards building gasless swaps, and making the experience of trading near to a centralized platform.”

In times ahead, we will see developments around liquidity mining, thereby converting it to an in-house DEX platform, more integrations, multichain farming, governance protocol and mobile integrations, to name a significant few.

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