The Zmartcoin protocol is a community-driven decentralized finance token launched fairly. It is a blockchain-based digital currency (altcoin) similar to Bitcoin (BTC), but with several differences. It was launched in June 2021, accumulating more than 370 users in two months.

The purpose of Zmartcoin (ZAR) is to support the internet and decentralized communication, but above all, human freedom to choose, do and go as a principle.

Today, ZAR can be found on FTX (formerly Blockfolio), MathWallet, Delta and Klever Wallet. Likewise, you can exchange on, PancakeSwap and CoinsBit. During each operation, three simple functions occur: reflection, liquidity provider acquisition and burn.

The pioneering feature of Zmartcoin is that it charges a 15% fee to anyone who sells its tokens. It also charges 15% for each purchase, which is added to the liquidity pool and causes the value of the currency to grow exponentially, and 3% of this fee is redistributed to all other owners of Zmartcoin, essentially rewarding those who keep their tokens and discouraging sales.

This time last year, the use of digital wallets worldwide increased by 380% due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Because it is an effective solution to confinements, it also leads to the financial inclusion of people from different regions.

Zmartcoin announced that it will launch an application to send money within and outside the country to other users who own the wallet, without the need to exchange currencies and at no cost. This is done in order to eliminate intermediaries in the transfer of money between countries, making it possible to instantly send from one wallet to another regardless of international borders and without having to carry out the typical corresponding currency exchange.

The amount of national sending between people (peer-to-peer) has a minimum of $1 and an unlimited maximum. Using this new tool, with what each user has in their wallet, they will be able to see a balance in favor of their local currency and with that same money, make payments to other beneficiaries both in the same country and to other destinations. Also, if the users are payment receivers, they will be able to withdraw that money in their local currency.

Zmartcoin will change the way you view your personal and global finances.