Dubai, Dec. 13, 2022Zogi Labs, a pioneering crypto company and gaming studio famously known for the BEZOGE token and the up-and-coming crypto-based MMORPG The Legends of Bezogia, today announced its partnership with Cronos. Zogi Labs has won a spot among batch six of the Cronos ecosystem grant, alongside the signing of a memorandum of understanding between Cronos and Zogi Labs, forming a strategic partnership that will pave the way for the future of Zogi Labs and Cronos products.


Steven Murray, CEO of Zogi Labs, said:

“With the signing of a strategic partnership, we plan on mutually supporting each other's products and ecosystems to bring massive benefits to the end user. With our new ZOGI token on Cronos chain, along with plans for further collaboration, we’re expecting massive growth and a wealth of opportunity in working together with Cronos.”

Ken Timsit, managing director of Cronos, said:

“We are excited to welcome Zogi Labs and their flagship MMORPG, The Legends of Bezogia, to Cronos. Games are a core pillar of the Cronos ecosystem and we look forward to supporting Zogi Labs to bring their games to the growing Cronos user base.”

Zogi Labs x Cronos

The Cronos and Zogi Labs ecosystems are a perfect fit to work hand in hand thanks to Cronos’s suite of tools, including Crypto Play and multiple decentralized applications that grow ecosystems such as decentralized exchanges (DEXs), nonfungible token (NFT) marketplaces and launchpads along with services such as Pay. Working closely with Cronos on future developments, Zogi Labs will be able to fully utilize the VVS Finance DEX to spread liquidity and launch future tokens such as MBLK on the platform, giving holders more opportunities to trade and hold their tokens with extremely low gas fees.

ZOGI is set to launch on VVS Finance, powered by Cronos, on Dec. 9.

The future of ZOGI Labs and Cronos

With the partnership, users can trade Zogi— and in the future, MBLK — on Cronos Chain. Alongside this milestone, the communities of both Zogi Labs and Cronos can expect many more cross-chain collaborations including:

  • Zogi Bridge integration on Cronos
  • NFT mystery boxes and item sales
  • The public launch of MBLK
  • User activities, rewards, giveaways and prizes
  • Integration of Pay and other services

The future of Zogi Labs and Cronos is a bright one, with two major forces in the crypto industry joining forces to bring next-level industry-first innovations. Zogi Labs looks forward to working closely with Cronos and to push the boundaries of creativity and functionality in the world of crypto in 2022 and beyond.

Learn more about how ZOGI works by reading the full whitepaper.

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About Zogi Labs Ltd

Founded in 2021, Zogi Labs Ltd, previously known as Bezoge Earth, under the game title of The Legends of Bezogia is an emerging cross-platform MMORPG play-and-earn blockchain game, available in beta on PC, with support for iOS and Android devices coming soon.

About Cronos

Cronos is the first EVM-compatible layer-1 blockchain network built on the Cosmos SDK, supported by, and more than 400+ app developers and partners. Cronos is building an open ecosystem where developers can create their own DeFi and GameFi applications, targeting a base of 70+ million users globally.