Decentralized Finance or DeFi has grown into one of the most active sectors of blockchain in 2019 and is an emerging alterative to the global financial system. A vast spectrum of decentralized finance services is now emerging - open finance protocols that enable individuals to engage with new and redesigned financial systems, with decentralized finance solutions changing the approach of established institutions.

All in all, decentralized finance projects now range in the thousands, and we are seeing the early stages of a whole new industry.

The evolution of blockchain has also shifted from Proof of Work (PoW) to Proof of Stake (PoS) mechanisms. While PoS can guaranteed fairness of accounting rights and system performance, this transition is not always easy. As we observe from the delay in upgrading Ethereum to Casper, the problem of integrating true random number in place of old PoW mechanism has always been a core issue. In this case, the VRF algorithm has attracted increasing attention in recent years.

ZVChain is a high security and high performance professional financial public chain that uses Chiron, a VRF (Verifiable Random Function) + BLS (Boneh–Lynn–Shacham) consensus algorithm - with a mission to build a Decentralized Finance Ecosystem for businesses and simplify their business interactions in the future.

CSO Vincent Albert of ZVChain has shared that blockchain projects have failed to deliver a uber-like and 21st century grade end-to-end user experience as an industry. He also added that ZVChain is committed to keep this point at the centre of its development with its decentralized finance middleware. Learn more from

As of this stage, ZVChain has already rolled out services such as prepaid and debit cards, linked to their wallet integrating fiat and crypto with a roadmap to include blockchain gateways to other digital assets such as BTC and ETH. Positive feedbacks on ZVChain vision from industry experts and communities have been gathered from the London Blockchain Summit to Asia Blockchain Summit - which hosted the now notorious “Tangle in Taipei” debate.

ZVChain - supported by various industry experts and thought leaders - is led by Leinali Hua, one of the Co-Founders and also known as the Blockchain Queen of Power in the digital world. She is one of the early explorers and practitioners of the global blockchain industry. She has been involved in the investment and incubation of 300+ quality blockchain projects worldwide with the highest overall market value reaching $6 billion.

Various top institutions have joined the Staking Program of ZVChain to strategically support its ecological development. Dr Aaron Low, the Chairman of the CFA Association of Singapore, and Consultant for Guotai Junan Asset Management and Oakbridge Capital of Singapore, will act as the Strategic Advisor to the project and to help promoting the development of the ZVChain ecosystem and connect ZVChain to traditional financial institutions.

HashQuark - a new generation Proof-of-Stake Pool focused on POS, DPOS and other public chains providing secure, transparent and efficient staking services - has also become a Strategic Staking Partner of ZVChain so as to be a key member in building up decentralized staking service management. Leo Li, CEO of HashQuark, said that the collaboration with ZVChain will further enrich their staking business model and provide diversified value-added services to users. Further, he added that the collaboration will also mark a joint effort in term of technical development, asset security, and community development in the near future.

In addition, MXC Capital - the official investment group of MXC Exchange and a world leading asset trading platform with the fastest growing volume in term of trading and a hundred-fold value increase of its platform’s coin - is on board as a Strategic Investor and Partner of ZVChain and this makes ZVChain the second investment project to be announced officially by MXC Capital. Recently, MXC Exchange has also closed the first round of subscription of ZVChain, DeFi Protocol with an oversubscription of 448%.

At present, the Staking Node Program of ZVChain has already attracted participants from various countries including in Europe, Middle-East and Asia. With a global ambition, ZVChain continues to look all over the world for strategic partners aligned with their DeFi vision.

The mainnet launch of ZVChain powered by ZV Coin is scheduled to be in September 2019 and ZV Wallet App will be live to provide digital asset management services on their chain. Stay tuned for more to come.