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In May 2017, Bitcoin transactions could take up to four days to complete. The only way to make a transaction quicker was to pay a transaction fee, which at the end of 2017 was around $28. The delay and the need to pay fees made Bitcoin impractical for making small purchases, which led to a new Bitcoin-based currency Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

BCH is a cryptocurrency established as a result of the hard fork that took place to manage the scalability problem. Bitcoin Cash has a number of significant differences to Bitcoin: it is advertised as being faster and cheaper to use, the maximum block size is eight megabytes against one in previous Blockchain, and it has an emergency difficulty adjustment feature. Bitcoin Cash also uses 0-conf (or zero-conf) which allows for nearly instant transactions, meaning Bitcoin Cash transactions are almost always confirmed in the next block.

Roger Ver demanded that GoDaddy remove from its sales listing. A few hours later, it appears to have been purged.
Roger Ver calls out GoDaddy for wrongly listing as 'for sale'
Sam Bourgi
A Judge has nixed a lawsuit alleging Roger Ver and Jesse Powell and several other crypto figures engaged in market manipulation.
Bitcoin Cash antitrust suit dismissed with prejudice
Brian Quarmby
A checkout service will be implemented which waives transaction fees for purchases made using crypto, PayPal's president and CEO confirmed.
PayPal to start letting US customers pay in Bitcoin at global merchants
Greg Thomson
Markets News
The car maker subsequently deletes a warning not to send Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin SV as payment for orders, but for BCH/BTC, the damage was done.
Bitcoin Cash hits new lows vs. Bitcoin after Tesla snubs 'fork products'
William Suberg
Price Analysis
Several altcoins are moving to new all-time highs as bulls struggle to lift Bitcoin price above $60,000.
Price analysis 3/19: BTC, ETH, BNB, ADA, DOT, XRP, UNI, LTC, LINK, BCH
Rakesh Upadhyay
The mining subsidiary of Japanese financial conglomerate SBI Holdings is opening its pool services to institutional and retail customers alike.
SBI Crypto's Bitcoin mining pool goes public
Marie Huillet
Price Analysis
Select altcoins could move toward new highs if Bitcoin price continues to trade in a tightening range.
Price analysis 3/17: BTC, ETH, BNB, ADA, DOT, XRP, UNI, LTC, LINK, BCH
Rakesh Upadhyay
Price Analysis
Bitcoin’s rejection at its all-time high and a negative divergence on the RSI suggest that BTC's bullish momentum could be weakening and altcoins may see profit...
Price analysis 3/15: BTC, ETH, BNB, ADA, DOT, XRP, UNI, LTC, LINK, BCH
Rakesh Upadhyay

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