Diamond Hands News

The term “Diamond hands” is slang popularized by the crypto community and is used to describe investors with a high-risk tolerance for holding cryptocurrencies, even during periods of high volatility. Often used on social networking platforms such as Twitter, Reddit and the like, the term is attributed to investors who refrain from selling their cryptocurrency holdings when they are potentially at a great loss or even if they offer profit, and it hints at their long-term bullish stance on a particular coin or token or the entire cryptocurrency market in general.

Believed to be first used on the r/Wallstreetbets subreddit, the term originated from the fact that diamonds are formed under immense pressure and was ascribed to members of the community who had a penchant for cryptocurrency investments despite the risk-reward ratio offered. In use since 2018, the term has been increasingly used ever since and is sentimentally similar to the term “hodl.”