Interest Rate News

Interest rate is defined as the annual rate of return on an asset when lent or the amount charged by a lender when borrowing, usually expressed as a percentage and calculated on an annual basis. It is applicable when lending or borrowing and is paid in fiat currencies or even a cryptocurrency. The interest rate can be calculated over a duration of time as simple interest or can be compounded, where both the principal and accumulated interest over the previous period are subjected to interest rate calculations. 

While interest rates vary among asset classes, digital currencies like stablecoins and altcoins offer higher returns when held in cryptocurrency saving accounts, especially when compared with the savings rate for fiat currencies like the United States dollar. 

Considered to be the cost of money, the interest rate determines the attractiveness of an asset for a lender and is usually higher for assets that suffer from higher depreciation. The interest rate for borrowers with a good credit rating is lower than for those with a poor credit rating, while lenders in need of capital generally provide a higher interest rate on funds deposited with them as compared with those that are flush with funds.