Iota News

Iota is a cryptocurrency designed for use in the internet of things, enabling secure sales and trading data streams, with no need of transaction fees and miners to maintain to operations. Iota aims to get rid of all the biggest troubles of major cryptocurrencies, such as lack of scalability, mining expenses, and slow transaction speed.

Iota is unable to have a Turing complete language in its system, making it very different from Ethereum or NEO. The world is moving forward to a machine-to-machine interactions ecosystem, and it’s in the definition of Iota to be the crypto platform fueling those transactions. In theory, Iota’s network should become the best solution for an IOT with its transaction fee-free platform perfectly suitable for machines to communicate with each other. Iota’s coin MIOTA trading, which is one of the major currencies on the cryptomarket, shows a lot of support for that idea.