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Monero is a digital currency very similar to Bitcoin, but it offers a higher level of security and anonymity for users and their transactions.

The Monero ledger, unlike Blockchain, doesn’t record the actual stealth addresses of parties to transactions, and the one-time created address that is recorded is not linked to the actual addresses of the parties as well. All Monero transactions between two parties are grouped up with some other transactions that occur among unrelated parties. Monero also handles transactions by splitting the amount transferred into multiple parts and then treating each split part as a separate transaction.

The popularity of Monero is not growing just because of attention from black market, but also because of the large amount of people not fond of being watched by governments, hackers, and corporations.

Price Analysis
Most top performers have reached their resistance levels and may consolidate or correct over the next week.
Top 5 Cryptos Not Named Bitcoin This Week (Mar 29): XMR, BNB, HT, CRO, BSV
Rakesh Upadhyay
Cointelegraph spoke to Guardicore’s Ophir Harpaz regarding the recently identified crypto mining botnet Vollgar.
Sophisticated Mining Botnet Identified After 2 Years
Samuel Haig
Cointelegraph has had an in-depth talk with Bail Bloc’s Grayson Earle about how the charity project helps release people from incarceration through cryptocurren...
Bail Bloc Founder Says How Monero Mining Can Help ICE Detainees
Ana Alexandre
Is Bitcoin anonymous, and can mixing services make it more private? Here are the weaknesses and strengths of popular crypto privacy solutions.
Remaining Anonymous: Which Crypto Privacy Solution Works Best?
Andrey Shevchenko
The mainstream media largely avoided April Fools Day pranks this year, but the crypto community decided to have some fun.
Crypto Community Embraces April Fools Day Pranks
Joshua Mapperson
Price Analysis
Most top performers are attempting to climb back after a sharp sell-off. If they can sustain above their immediate overhead resistance levels, a bottom is likel...
Top 5 Cryptos This Week (Mar 29): CRO, XMR, XRP, ADA, XLM
Rakesh Upadhyay
Market Analysis
Traders have taken notice of Monero’s 99.5% gain since the altcoin dropped to a new 2020 low during the March 12 crypto market meltdown.
Monero (XMR) Quietly Gains 99.5% as Bitcoin Price Consolidates
Horus Hughes
Privacy is a key feature of cryptocurrencies, but can that be said for all crypto, or there are differences among them?
Why ‘Setup’ Matters for Cryptocurrency Privacy
Huang Lin

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