Whale News

A cryptocurrency whale, often known simply as a “whale,” is an individual, institution or exchange in the crypto community that holds substantial quantities of cryptocurrencies. Whales hold enough cryptocurrency to be able to manipulate the price of cryptocurrencies. As a result, the state of the market can be understood by observing how whales act, whether they are selling or accumulating.

A whale occasionally posts a sizable order to sell a considerable amount of its cryptocurrency tokens, also called the “sell wall” effect. They maintain a lower price than other sell orders, leading to volatility, which generally lowers the price of digital coins. Following this, there is a domino effect where others sell their tokens at lower prices out of panic. As a result, whales gain more power, as they can purchase more coins for less money.

In addition, whales frequently artificially raise the price of the tokens by placing large buy orders, which is the opposite of the sell wall effect. They increase interest in cryptocurrency tokens, which motivates buyers to improve their offers. In essence, whales impact other token investors through a ripple effect. They can influence the market in their favor by raising and lowering prices.