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Alexander Geralis does Oil & Gas by day and Bitcoin by night. Apart from learning languages and collecting Japanese whiskies, he is also known to have conducted a few symphony orchestras.

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ICO FUD may soon become a thing of the past as big name law firms and financiers enter the arena to advise and protect both investors and creators of token sale...
Despite the FUD, SEC-Compliant ICOs are Just Around The Corner
Alexander Geralis
NYU professor weighs in on the successes of Bitcoin and the flaws it must overcome on the path to mainstream adoption
NYU Finance Professor Describes Bitcoin’s Successes and Remaining Obstacles
Alexander Geralis
WannaCry hackers suddenly empty wallets, experts weigh in on where the money goes. Meanwhile, the hero of the day who disabled the initial attacks is arrested j...
WannaCry Hackers Move $140,000 From Bitcoin Wallets, Marcus Hutchins Arrested
Alexander Geralis
Traditional markets are rapidly accepting cryptocurrencies as Gemini sets out to list Bitcoin on the Chicago Board Options Exchange and give traders access to s...
Bitcoin Futures, Options to Appear On Chicago Exchange
Alexander Geralis
What the leading legal experts are saying about the latest SEC weigh in on ICOs.
Play by The Rules: Legal Experts Talk ICOs and SEC Warning
Alexander Geralis
From former bank CEOs to traders, more and more enter the digital currency market in one form or another. Regulation is seemingly around the corner as the Wild ...
Bankers Continue to Switch To Crypto As Wild West Days Are Numbered
Alexander Geralis
Largest mixing service BitMixer shuts down in a matter of days, leaving users both puzzled and curious. Announcements motivated by ethical reasons to stop offer...
World’s Largest Bitcoin Tumbling Service Announces Sudden Shutdown
Alexander Geralis
EU Report downplays cryptocurrency use among terrorists.
Cryptocurrency Adoption Low Amongst Terrorists, Cash Is King
Alexander Geralis

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