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Alyssa Exposito dove into crypto after being introduced to Axie Infinity, and she hasn’t turned back since. With a background in higher education, Alyssa aims to break down complex concepts into digestible tidbits that are easy for new crypto investors to understand.

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How to crypto
Falling prey to a fraudulent link can be devastating to one’s personal investment portfolio. Here are three ways a hard wallet can protect you.
NFT, DeFi and crypto hacks abound — Here’s how to double up on wallet security
Alyssa Exposito
Market Analysis
NFT sell volume declines sharply after Terra’s blow up led to stablecoins dropping their peg and Bitcoin’s dip below $30,000 raises fear of a prolonged bear mar...
NFT prices take a gut punch as the crypto bear market deepens
Alyssa Exposito
Market Analysis
NFT prices take a hit alongside the sharp correction in the crypto market and only time will tell whether the current downturn was a buying opportunity.
This week’s whipsaw market movements test NFT traders’ resolve — What’s next?
Alyssa Exposito
Market Analysis
Most of the NFT market is in a downtrend, but data shows funds continuing to flow into blue-chip tier projects.
Here’s why blue-chip NFT prices continue to soar nearly a week after the Otherside mint
Alyssa Exposito
Market Analysis
The success of STEPN shows that the move-to-earn model is growing in popularity, but will it be a fading trend or the future of fitness?
NFT traders STEPN to a new groove — Is move-to-earn the future of fitness or another fad?
Alyssa Exposito
Market Analysis
The success of MoonBirds and traders’ anticipation of Yuga Labs’ The Otherside land sale is bringing a wave of fresh liquidity to the NFT market.
OpenSea top-10 NFT projects soar as new liquidity enters the market
Alyssa Exposito
Market Analysis
Investors are quick to label high worth NFT collections as “blue-chips,” but what are the criteria for determining which project is worthy of the status?
‘Legacy’ NFT prices are soaring, but exactly what makes a collection a blue-chip?
Alyssa Exposito
Markets News
NFTs are a dime a dozen, but Micah Johnson’s Akutar NFT project aims to bring to light the value of diversity and inclusivity to Web3.
Here’s how the Akutars NFT project hopes to redefine how culture intersects with Web3
Alyssa Exposito

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