Charlie Richards

Charlie Richards first learned about Bitcoin and the world of digital currencies whilst working in the London tech start-up scene. He likes both cats and dogs.

JUL 09, 2015

Litecoin Trading Volume Is on the Verge of Overtaking Bitcoin

JUL 08, 2015

Greek Island to Trial Gold-Backed Digital Currency Alternative to the Euro

JUL 07, 2015

London Called ‘Money Laundering Capital,’ While FinTech Startups Burdened by Regulation

JUL 07, 2015

Digital Currency Companies Race to Offer End-to-End Service

JUL 04, 2015


JUL 03, 2015


JUN 29, 2015

How to Fight Capital Controls in Greece

JUN 25, 2015

Nasdaq Picks Chain for its Blockchain ‘Private Market’

JUN 24, 2015

EU Banks Forced to Report Bitcoin-Linked Accounts Transacting Over €1,000

JUN 22, 2015

Barclays Signs ‘Proof of Concept’ With Safello to Explore Blockchain Advantages

JUN 18, 2015

Report: FinTech's Future Is in Asia & Africa, Europe Is ‘at the Bottom of the Heap’

JUN 16, 2015

Danish CCEDK Exchange Announces Real-Time Transparent Order Books, Proof of Solvency

JUN 15, 2015

Australians Can Now Send Bitcoin Directly to Their Bank Accounts or Anyone Else’s

JUN 11, 2015

UK Gov’t Report Backs Mass ‘Extra-Territorial’ Data Collection, Mentions Bitcoin, Ethereum & Maidsafe

JUN 09, 2015