APR 30 DIGEST: Goldman Sachs Joins US$50m Investment Round in Circle, Fidor to Open in UK

Goldman Sachs has joined a round of funding for internet bank Circle, Purse.io has integrated with Shapeshift.io to allow altcoin holders to make third party purchases from Amazon, SilkRoad trial judge rejects retrial demand and many more top stories from April 30.

Goldman Sachs invests US$50 million in Circle

Leading the start-up’s series C funding round, Goldman Sachs has joined a group of investors in raising US$50million for Circle. Working alongside IDG Capital Partners, Breyer Capital, General Catalyst Partners, and Accel Partners, the involvement of a high profile name like Goldman Sachs is likely to encourage increased interest and attention on the digital currency sector.

“Goldman declined to comment about its investment beyond a brief statement in the news release from Tom Jessop, managing director of the investment bank’s Principal Strategic Investments Group. He said the investment bank sees “significant opportunities in companies and solutions that have the promise to transform global markets through technical innovation.”

Purse.io integrates ShapeShift to allow altcoin purchases from Amazon

Purse.io a service that allows users with bitcoins needing something from Amazon to exchange the coins with a second user who is willing to purchase that item in fiat currency, has partnered with ShapeShift.io. The move means that a wider range of altcoins can now be sold on Purse.io in exchange for normal debit card Amazon purchases.

“I personally use Purse to buy things at Amazon frequently,” said Emily, ShapeShift's Head of Marketing, “Now Bitcoin holders are not the only ones who can get the 10-20% savings. Anyone who owns Ripple, Counterparty, BitShares, and many other innovative digital assets can now effectively spend them at Amazon and save a considerable amount off retail price.”

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