Cyrus Ip

Cyrus Ip works at OKEx as a research analyst. He provides value-added Bitcoin and altcoin analysis and has produced macro thematic research that bridges the gap between the crypto world and traditional financial markets. Previously, Cyrus worked with Citigroup where he served as an FX Market Analyst with a focus on G10 and EMFX. He was also a long-time financial journalist with solid experience in Hong Kong, China and Canada.

Author’s posts

Could allocating your capital into various crypto assets bring more profit? Here are some tips about crypto portfolio diversification.
Crypto Asset Diversification Vs. All Eggs in One Basket
Cyrus Ip
The potential loss of Libra could be Bitcoin’s gain as the Facebook-led crypto project faces increasing regulatory challenges.
What Does Skepticism for Libra Say About Bitcoin?
Cyrus Ip
Expert Take
What could make South Africa become the next fastest-growing crypto market? How the country is emerging as a crypto leader of the continent.
South Africa: The Next Frontier for Crypto Exchanges
Cyrus Ip

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