Gareth Jenkinson

Gareth Jenkinson is a journalist and radio presenter based in Durban, South Africa. When he’s not talking about sport on the airwaves - he’s got his eye on the Cryptocurrency market.

FEB 15, 2018

Litecoin Cash - Another Bitcoin-Bitcoin Cash Saga?

FEB 14, 2018

Bitcoin Luges Its Way Into Winter Olympics

FEB 13, 2018

Coincheck Delivers Report to Japan’s FSA

FEB 08, 2018

SEC, CFTC Breathe Life Into Floundering Crypto Market

FEB 07, 2018

Blockchain and Energy - Two Peas In a Pod

FEB 07, 2018

Stock Market Correction - Perspective For Crypto Market

FEB 05, 2018

All Eyes on Tether Amid Crypto Pull Back

FEB 04, 2018

Bitcoin's 2 Month Low - Sign of the Time

FEB 03, 2018

Crypto Dip Humbles South Korean Bitcoin Premium

FEB 01, 2018

Regulated, Government Issued Cryptos to Challenge Bitcoin in 2018

JAN 31, 2018

Ranging Reactions to Facebook Cryptocurrency Ad Ban

JAN 31, 2018

Samsung ASIC Chips - Positive News for Miners

JAN 30, 2018

Big Differences Between Gold and Bitcoin, According to World Gold Council

JAN 29, 2018

ICOs - Big Target For Hackers, E&Y Report

JAN 26, 2018

Twitter Reacts to Crypto Fear-Mongering at Davos WEF