Jacob Timp

Jacob Timp is a writer of cryptocurrency-related news events. He is a student with aspirations of working in the financial world. He enjoys learning about market movement, investing, and marketing. He often does freelance development work and graphic design.

NOV 15, 2016

50,000 More Outlets for Instant-Cash-Bitcoin Purchases in Canada, Australia and Europe

OCT 07, 2016

How Criminals Steal Information Through Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Contactless Cards

SEP 28, 2016

United Nations Will Adopt Emercoin For Its Car Fleet Management Project

SEP 25, 2016

Blockchain Talent Marketplace Blockgeeks Launched in Toronto

SEP 19, 2016

Blockchain Comes to Fantasy Sports

SEP 18, 2016

United States Congress Supports Resolution Promoting Blockchain

SEP 12, 2016

Music Platform Raises $2.5 Million For Blockchain-Based Music Rights Technology

AUG 10, 2016

French Startup Bitit to Launch New Bitcoin Buying Platform

APR 04, 2016

How To Buy Bitcoins In A Local Store

JAN 20, 2016

Bitit: Generic Gift Card Service Or Better Bitcoin Accessibility?

JAN 15, 2016

Emercoin Implements Solution To Reduce Blocksize Inflation

JAN 09, 2016

Price of EmerCoin Doubles Following Its Partnership With Microsoft

DEC 29, 2015

Decred: An Innovative Cryptocurrency or A Well Arranged Scam?

DEC 26, 2015

BitGreet Allows Users To Directly Gift Each Other Bitcoin

DEC 19, 2015

Blockchain-Issued Market Shares Officially Approved, Despite Questionable Details