United Nations Development Programme will use Emercoin in the vehicles fleet management.

Last week, UNDP, which is a department of the United Nations, released a post explaining the partnership.

The release stated:

“In Moldova, we are testing to find out if Blockchain can provide a more effective way of managing the United Nations car fleet together with EmerCoin and DeePlace”

The UNDP stated that they had begun “testing” which means they are already working on the project together with EmerCoin, and they’re far past the decision and planning process. This infers the rapid development and motivation toward this project.

Oleg Khovayko, CTO of EmerCoin, told Cointelegraph, says:

“Frankly, we worked on this project for long time, but we kept it confidential until now.”

Reference point for governments

Early last week, Cointelegraph covered the resolution passed by US Congress that supported Blockchain which appeared to be a significant leap forward for government support on the matter of cryptocurrencies. Now, we see the first international official organization using cryptocurrencies in real world projects.

Some say this is a rather significant event for the cryptocurrency industry, while states and governments consider potential applications for Blockchain and cryptocurrencies, the over-a-state organization, UNO, is rushing toward using cryptocurrency.

Oleg Khovayko, CTO of EmerCoin, says:

“When this project is successful, it will provide reference points to governments and/or other authorities. This project has a huge influence to cryptocurrency legislation and the future of this business.”

Following its partnership with Microsoft earlier this year, EmerCoin price doubled in price. Time will tell if this new project with the United Nations Development Programme will have any similar effects on the price of their currency.