John Patrick Mullin

John is an investment banker, speaker, writer, and FinTech & EdTech enthusiast. He has a passion for exploring new countries and cultures and has lived in the USA, Spain, Belgium, Germany, and most recently Shanghai, China. In addition to his day job as a banker, he writes for LinkedIn China, advises an EdTech company in Hong Kong, and stays active in the Chinese FinTech community as Community Partner of the Shanghai Cohort of FinTech Connector.

Author’s posts

NEO founder discusses what made NEO successful, and what the future of NEO looks like
NEO: Success and Future Plans. A Talk With Founder of “Chinese Ethereum”
John Patrick Mullin
NEO plans to become the first NEO-based DApp partnering with AdEx.
China's Biggest Blockchain Gains its First DApp as AdEx Joins NEO
John Patrick Mullin
EEA welcomes new members to its legal group.
Ethereum Technology to Thrive as EEA Adds Legal Industry Support
John Patrick Mullin

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