Kirill Bryanov

Kirill holds a Ph.D. in political communication. His day job is in academic research, where he explores the effects of emerging technology on society and politics. Kirill is curious about the transformative potential of fintech and blockchain, and enjoys observing how incumbent institutions regulate and co-opt disruptive financial technology.

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Market Analysis
In some cases, unusually high tweet volume can signal that an asset is about to soar, but traders should mind the context.
Powered by the people: 3 altcoins whose tweet volume spiked before a strong rally
Kirill Bryanov
Follow up
The Chinese government’s ongoing crusade against cryptocurrencies might have dramatic consequences for both domestic and global crypto traders.
China’s crypto industry is gone? Beijing’s crackdown keeps sending shockwaves
Kirill Bryanov
Market Analysis
Dramatic price action often follows familiar patterns of market and social activity, and data from Cointelegraph Markets Pro shows there is a way for traders to...
Key altcoin price metric flashed bullish ahead of Axie Infinity’s parabolic rally
Kirill Bryanov
Market Analysis
Unusually high trading volume can be an indication that a crypto asset's price is on the rise.
Double-digit crypto gains and trading volume — what's the connection?
Kirill Bryanov
Market Analysis
It's all about the BTC for Hodlers who don't intend to cash out anytime soon.
Beating Bitcoin: Why some traders don't care about USD prices
Kirill Bryanov
Market Analysis
THORChain and Kyber provide the perfect examples of how quant analysis and breaking news can help cryptocurrency investors to capitalize on volatile markets.
A RUNE with a view: How smart crypto traders caught a 48% price pump
Kirill Bryanov
Information asymmetry is at the heart of crypto investing. Here's how to be on the right side of emerging news.
Faster than the speed of news: What a 41 minute head start means to crypto traders
Kirill Bryanov
In an optimistic interpretation, Musk’s relationship with crypto could be a force that always wills the evil and always produces the good.
Crypto’s fraught relationship with Elon Musk: Ambassador or liability?
Kirill Bryanov

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