Maxwell William

Maxwell William is a freelance writer and English teacher. After graduating from Western Michigan University with majors in History, Philosophy, and Political Science, he has been working and traveling through Asia and Europe for the past five years. He joined Cointelegraph in May, 2018.

MAY 20, 2018

Tether Mints $250 Mln of New USDT Tokens, Rekindles Controversy

MAY 19, 2018

U.S.: Colorado Proposes Accepting Cryptocurrency for Political Campaigns

MAY 19, 2018

VC Firm Behind Snapchat Looks to Ramp up its Crypto Investments, Report Says

MAY 12, 2018

U.S. Mutual Fund VP Says Blockchain Will Help ‘Drive This Next Industrial Revolution’

MAY 12, 2018

ERC-20 Tokens, Explained

MAY 06, 2018

Wall Street-Turned-Crypto Exec Novogratz Says ‘Enough Already’ To BCH-Promoting Tweet

MAY 05, 2018

EOSIO Announces Dawn 4.0 Update, Full Release Slated For June