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Looks like somebody has finally done their homework right as the Tax Board of Denmark saw the reason and decided not to impose taxes on any gain or loss due to ...
Denmark Is Determined To Leave Bitcoin Transactions Free Of Taxes
Neil Bergen
As Russia continues to press on to the fact that Crimea belong to the Federation now, the more brutal become the actions that US takes against it.
Sanctions Against Russia Getting Serious, Can Bitcoin Help?
Neil Bergen
And I was beginning to think that trend of calling Bitcoin not a currency but lacking the willingness to impose regulations was gone after Japan. I guess some j...
Denmark Joins the “Not a Currency, Don’t Care” Club
Neil Bergen
Even though countries of both East and West are slowly isolating Russia due to its willingness to annex Crimea, the RF, instead of using cryptocurrencies as a b...
Sanctioning by US and EU do not change Russia’s determination to wipe out Bitcoin
Neil Bergen
Bitcoin can be regulated in a number of ways and control of the operators is the choice that Singapore officials decided to make.
Singapore Chose to Regulate Bitcoin Intermediaries
Neil Bergen
Laxmicoin, digital currency named after the Indian goddess of wealth, is being delayed by its creators until the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) gives its official ...
Indian crypto Laxmicoin is held back by the RBI raids
Neil Bergen
The initiative to make the statement took the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) that proclaimed the necessary registration for payment systems and operators of inf...
Ukraine Government Imposes Regulation on Bitcoin
Neil Bergen
More and more countries are trying to impose some sort of regulation on Bitcoin, US, China, India even Italy made digital coins look like hard fiat cash in the ...
The way UK treats Bitcoin
Neil Bergen

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