S. Matthew English

S. Matthew English is a research scientist specializing in blockchain technologies and linked open data. Matthew holds a BA in Political Science from New York University (NYU), and MSc in Computer Science from the University of Hong Kong (HKU), and is currently pursuing a PhD from the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn in Germany.

Author’s posts

How to detect organizations compensating employees over the Bitcoin blockchain? Can the data be used for industrial espionage, and how to prevent it?
Full Disclosure of Your Salary: Blockchain Remuneration Models
S. Matthew English
In the age of high-frequency trading, the time honored equilibrium in the feedback loop of pursuit, capture and escape is becoming increasingly distorted.
Smart Money, Dumb Contracts: How Fat Cats Can Eat Blind Mice
S. Matthew English
The Business Model Pioneered by Steemit Could Pose a New Organizational Paradigm for the Modern Economy.
Steemit’s New Business Model Shows How Compensation by Micro Contributions Works
S. Matthew English
Exploration of the socially motivated mechanisms behind the Stellar consensus protocol.
Dive Into the Stellar Consensus Protocol: Interstella 5555
S. Matthew English
The idea of "blockchain" has emerged as an object of contemporary fetish, a universal technological panacea. It’s bigger than the internet itself! But from when...
“Make Something People Want”: How Blockchain Has Become a Fetish
S. Matthew English
The idea of registering title, property rights, on the Blockchain is a mechanism for fostering social inclusion on a mass scale.
Is Title Registration a Valid Use Case of Blockchain - Or We Are Courting Disaster?
S. Matthew English
Semantic Blockchain as an impetus to increased voter engagement for US elections.
Blockchain for President: How It Can Disrupt US Voting Machine
S. Matthew English
Access control technologies under the banner of Digital Rights Management have failed to defend art creators. Semantic Blockchain can help them.
Digital Snowflake: How Semantic Blockchain Can Defend Creators Rights
S. Matthew English

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