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William Suberg got into Bitcoin while completing his Masters degree and hasn't looked back since, writing about anything crypto-related which makes him sit up and pay attention. He started working with CoinTelegraph in October 2013.

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Creditbit to Become Ethereum Token in Bid to Beat Bitcoin at Speed

JAN 23, 2017

China Bans VPNs, Cross-Border Gateways That Bypass Existing Blocks

JAN 21, 2017

ICOs Are the Future Of Funding Says Co-Founder of Platform That Just Raised €2 Mln

JAN 18, 2017

Bitcoin Exchange That Hacked JPMorgan Chase: Three More in Court

JAN 16, 2017

How Crowd Power Will Reimagine Businesses in 2017

JAN 15, 2017

Dog Eat Dog: Bitcoin ATM Bandits Threaten Rivals With Death

JAN 11, 2017

Everyone Panic? Analyst Predicts Bitcoin ETF Rejection Due to ‘FUD’

JAN 10, 2017

Wall Street Can Be Very Different After DTCC Blockchain Experiment

JAN 09, 2017

Wyre CEO: Bitcoin To Replace Gold In 20 Years, Becoming New Reserve Currency

JAN 06, 2017

Scaling in 2017: Coinbase’s Brian Armstrong Lends Support to SegWit

JAN 04, 2017

Bitquant Founder: Bitcoin ‘Useless’ for Dodging China Capital Controls

JAN 03, 2017

In 2017, DAOs Marry Blockchain and Prediction Markets to Fund Greatness

JAN 02, 2017

No Scrooge: KeepKey Offers 30 BTC Reward For Capture Of Christmas Day Hacker

DEC 31, 2016

Europe’s PSD2 Allows Third Parties to Offer Banking, Means Collapse of Traditional Finance

DEC 29, 2016

Finland’s New Law: Bank Account Freedom Means More Data Collection

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