Xavi Molina

I am from Barcelona and I'm graduated in economics at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. I'm an ethusiastic of cryptocurrency and business. I like to write and I have an economics blog in spanish since 2012, when I first knew about Bitcoin. I love to travel, and I lived in Denmark, Brazil and Portugal.

Author’s posts

Bitcoin’s main role is a virtual replacement for gold, a safe haven where you could hold your savings in a situation of political or financial instability.
Bitcoin’s Behaviour Stresses Its Prime Use As Safe Haven
Xavi Molina
Two bitcoiners from Barcelona created a challenge to be overcome by the people willing to achieve the valuable prize. Come to Barcelona
Up for Grabs: Hidden Bitcoin Treasures in Streets of Barcelona
Xavi Molina
This Christmas, new Monopoly game hit the market - the cashless one. Will kids born in 2017 ever use cash?
The Question for 2017: What Sort of Digital Money Are You Paying With - Centralized or Decentralized?
Xavi Molina

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