Christmas is here and it certainly feels that way. In alignment with the spirit of giving, two Bitcoiners originating from Barcelona decided to gift virtual coins to the citizens of the famous city.

But watch out! These guys created a challenge to be overcome by the people willing to achieve the valuable prize. The challenge consists of finding a total amount of 25 paper wallets spread across several iconic or emblematic locations in Barcelona.

These wallets contain rewards ranging from 0 BTC to 0.1 BTC. Possibly, more than one reader has gone in search of the hidden treasure as they began reading this article. The good news is that you are still on time!

The organizers, in order to provide more information about the challenge, divulged a video detailing images of the locations marked with dots, intended to help the seekers find the approximate location of the wallets. 


In addition, they provide some simple recommendations to make this game more appealing.

As long as we find an empty wallet, we should keep it to avoid disappointing other people who may come across it.

On the contrary, if we are the lucky ones who find a wallet with Bitcoins inside, why not share it on Twitter through a video to let the others know that the wallet has been taken.  

The organizers of this challenge have allowed all participants 10 days before they retrieve the non-taken wallets. If that was not enough, this may not be the first Bitcoin challenge - the organizers are thinking of conducting similar challenges as long as the Bitcoin community is mobilized.