Bitcoin price analysis

Bitcoin Price Officially Doubles That of Gold, Experiences Minor Correction

15 HOURS AGO | Joseph Young

Until May 26, bitcoin price remained at around $2,550, demonstrating a value that is double that of gold.

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Bitcoin Demand Explodes in India, Overwhelmed Exchanges Put Limits on Purchases

23 HOURS AGO | Jacob J

In India, with thousands of new users flocking to Bitcoin every day, exchanges have been overwhelmed. Zebpay introduced a daily limit of $780 on Bitcoin purchases.

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Much WOW: Bitcoin Price At All-Time High Closing on $3,000, Main Reasons

MAY 25, 2017 | Joseph Young

Bitcoin established its new all-time high for the third time this week, at $2,675, closing on the $3,000 region.

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Explosive Price Surge: $100 Bitcoin Bought in 2010 Now Worth $75 Mln

MAY 24, 2017 | Joseph Young

In a relatively short span of seven years, Bitcoin price surged from around $0.003 to a staggering $2,389.

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Bitcoin Growth Follows Gandhi’s Famous Quote

MAY 23, 2017 | Iyke Aru

Bitcoin market cap has risen to over $35 bln and the massive investment has only started.

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Bitcoin Price Hits $2,087, Trading in Japan, South Korea for $2,350

MAY 21, 2017 | Joseph Young

Bitcoin price established its new all-time high at $2,087 earlier today after surging past its previous all-time high set at $2,050, with demand toward Bitcoin rising from institutional investors in the US, Japan and South Korea.

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Bitcoin Price Breached $2,000, Pundits Coin-Flip What Comes Next

MAY 20, 2017 | Frisco d'Anconia

Bitcoin price breached the $2,000 line, sending excitement throughout the burgeoning global cryptocurrency community. But what does this mean for all of us?

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Bitcoin Price at $1,934 All-Time High, Led by US, to Reach $2,000 Soon

MAY 19, 2017 | Joseph Young

After maintaining a strong momentum for three straight days, Bitcoin price has established a new all-time high at $1,920. This was triggered by the US Bitcoin exchange market and the rise in demand for Bitcoin amid severe economic instability and uncertainty.

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Bitcoin Price Surpasses $1,820 As Trump Troubles Lead to US Uncertainty

MAY 18, 2017 | Joseph Young

The recent surge of bitcoin price is largely affected by the US economic uncertainty, caused by troubled Trump presidency.

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Bitcoin Price Likely to Hit $3,500 This Year, Says Major Bitcoin Exchange Executive

MAY 16, 2017 | Joseph Young

Sandeep Goenka, the co-founder of Zebpay, one of India’s largest and leading bitcoin exchanges, believes that bitcoin price can reach $3,500 by the end of 2017.

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Bitcoin Price Drops 12 Percent Overnight, Quickly Recovers: Why It Happened

MAY 13, 2017 | Joseph Young

On May 12, bitcoin price dropped from around $1,815 to $1,600 in just a day, recording a nearly 12 percent overnight decline. Since then, bitcoin price has recovered relatively quickly and is back in the $1,740 region.

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Investor Frenzy: GBTC Sees Trades At 80 Percent Above Bitcoin Spot Price

MAY 12, 2017 | William Suberg

Investor demand for Bitcoin is at a clear peak as Barry Silbert’s GBTC shares trade at 80% above spot price.

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Bitcoin Price Hits New All-Time High Again at $1,866: Major Factors for Growth

MAY 11, 2017 | Joseph Young

On May 9, Cointelegraph reported that Bitcoin price established a new all-time high at $1,733. In just two days, on May 11, Bitcoin price achieved its new global average all-time high at $1,866.

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Bitcoin, Altcoins Got $35 Bln Investment In 2017, Bitcoin Price May Rise To $3,000

MAY 10, 2017 | Iyke Aru

Currently, Bitcoin serves as a store of value given its superior utility of moving around large amounts of wealth.

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Bitcoin Traded at High Premium of $1,835 in Japan: Reasons & Trends

MAY 09, 2017 | Joseph Young

While the rest of the global market with the exception of South Korea stabilized at the $1,730 region, the Bitcoin exchange market is still continuing to process orders at an average Bitcoin price of $1,835.