Bitcoin price analysis

Bitcoin Price Recovers in China Making Up For Huobi, OKCoin Withdrawal Suspension

FEB 22, 2017 | Joseph Young

Bitcoin price has fully recovered since the temporary Bitcoin withdrawal suspension on Huobi and OKCoin traders, increasing from $980 to $1,123 within two weeks.


Bitfinex Fends Off “Severe” DDoS Attack Amid Bitcoin Price Frenzy

FEB 22, 2017 | William Suberg

Bitcoin exchange Bitfinex suffered a ‘severe’ DDoS attack Tuesday while Bitcoin price and trading activity were hitting peaks.


Bitcoin Price Climbs Up As P2P Bitcoin Trading Soars in China, Venezuela

FEB 22, 2017 | Joël Valenzuela

Local Bitcoin trades have surged in China amid fears of a regulatory crackdown similar to Venezuela. Peer-to-peer Bitcoin trading is up across the board in restrictive countries.


Bitcoin Price Strong at $1060, Chinese Exchanges And Regulators Form Alliance

FEB 20, 2017 | Joseph Young

Bitcoin price is maintaining a strong position at $1060, which was considered an all-time high value for four straight years since 2013, prior to the fall of Mt. Gox.

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Bitcoin Price Above $1,000 For One Whole Week, Passes $1,060

FEB 17, 2017 | Joseph Young

Bitcoin price has already recovered beyond its previous all-time high value of $1,060, nearing $1,080 in major markets.


Amid Bitcoin Price Recovery, Suggests "Strong Buy"

FEB 16, 2017 | Joseph Young

A prominent trading and investment platform states that it is optimistic for Bitcoin traders to purchase the digital currency for both short and long term profit.


Bitcoin Price Will Surge to $1645 in March If Winklevoss ETF Gets Green Light: Research

FEB 15, 2017 | Olusegun Ogundeji

Research firms estimate implications of Bitcoin ETF approval - or disapproval. Will the Chinese traders be prepared?

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Bitcoin Price 30-Day Moving Average At Highest Ever

FEB 15, 2017 | William Suberg

The 30-day average moving price of Bitcoin has reached all-time highs. Data compiled by Bitstamp shows the price to have sustained its longest high-end price point in the cryptocurrency’s history.

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Stage Set For $25,000 Bitcoin Price: Macroeconomist

FEB 11, 2017 | Olusegun Ogundeji

Yves Lamoureux, a strategist with the macroeconomic research firm Lamoureux & Co. is sure that Bitcoin will reach a target of $25,000 or more.

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Bitcoin Price Shrugs Off BTCC Joining OKCoin, Huobi in Bitcoin, Litecoin Suspension

FEB 11, 2017 | Olusegun Ogundeji

Now top three Chinese exchanges suspend Bitcoin and Litecoin withdrawals. Unlike a month for others, BTCC estimates that their withdrawals will be delayed by roughly 10 days.

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Every Time Bitcoin Price Ups $1000 Level, PBOC Meddles To Hold It Off

FEB 10, 2017 | Shivdeep Dhaliwal

Is PBOC out to get Bitcoin, holding it on purpose below the $1000 level?

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Bitcoin Price Falls 9% Overnight As 2 Chinese Exchanges Stop Withdrawals

FEB 09, 2017 | Joseph Young

Bitcoin price plunged 9 percent overnight, declining from $1,060 to $959 across major global Bitcoin exchanges. The short-term drop in price was likely caused by the announcement of Huobi and OKCoin to temporarily disable Bitcoin and litecoin withdrawals for one month.

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Bitcoin Price Roller Coaster: US Panics, China Shows Resilience

FEB 09, 2017 | Joseph Young

US traders panic sold bitcoin under the assumption that the announcement of the People’s Bank of China could lead to a decline in the bitcoin price.

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Bitcoin Price Gets Ready to Factor In Winklevoss Bitcoin ETF Approval

FEB 06, 2017 | William Suberg

How Bitcoin price and markets would react to the possible huge influx of investors when Winklevoss Bitcoin ETF gets approved by SEC? The deadline is March 11.

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Bitcoin Price Starts to Influence Government Policies

FEB 06, 2017 | Iyke Aru

Bitcoin price has experienced a lot of movement since the turn of 2017, and so barely does a day go by without a government statement on Blockchain, Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies.

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