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The BIS’ Report on Crypto as Money: A Critical Review

2 HOURS AGO | by Kirill Bryanov

A conglomerate of the world’s largest central banks says that cryptocurrency cannot substitute fiat money. What’s their evidence?

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Driving Blockchain Forward: Automotive Advances With Blockchain Technology

JUN 19, 2018 | by Darryn Pollock

The automotive space is finding new and exciting ways to utilize the burgeoning technology that is Blockchain

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How the Video Card Industry Learned to Love Crypto Mining

JUN 19, 2018 | by Chrisjan Pauw

A brief history of the video card industry’s disruption by mining.

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Smart Cities and Blockchain: Four Countries Where AI and DLT Exist Hand-in-Hand

JUN 17, 2018 | by Julia Magas

Blockchain to make the concept of Smart Cities more than real, with numerous projects already tested or adopted in Dubai, US, China and Europe.

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What Is Going On With the Crypto Markets, Experts Share Opinions

JUN 16, 2018 | by Darryn Pollock

The current market performance has many people questioning what is going on, wondering why Bitcoin and others have hit yet another slump this year.

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What Do We Know About the CFTC Price Manipulation Probe

JUN 15, 2018 | by Stephen O'Neal

Nearly the whole of the crypto market is in the red as the CFTC launches a price manipulation probe.

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Banks and Cryptocurrencies Global Evaluation: The Middle East

JUN 14, 2018 | by Christina Georgacopoulos

It’s definitely more red than green.

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Video Games and Blockchain: New Experience for Players or More Profit for Developers?

JUN 12, 2018 | by Simon Chandler

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are increasingly turning up in video games, but more as ways of getting people to play them than of changing how they’re played.

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Bitnation, Liberland, Puertopia and Other Micronations Are Gaining Independence via Crypto, but Crypto Alone May Not Be Enough

JUN 10, 2018 | by Simon Chandler

Cryptocurrencies are making micronations possible, but questions remain as to just how far small states will lean on crypto technology.

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United States v. Crypto ETFs: a Lingering Struggle for Mass Adoption

JUN 09, 2018 | by Kirill Bryanov

Crypto ETFs are sprouting throughout Europe and Asia. Where does the US stand on this?

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Bitcoin Mining’s Electricity Bill: Is It Worth It?

JUN 02, 2018 | by Patrick Thompson

Some say that Bitcoin’s high electricity cost is the price we pay for network security, but is Bitcoin’s energy expenditure creating more positive or negative e...

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BitLicense Approval Shines Fresh Light On New York-Crypto Relationship

JUN 01, 2018 | by Chrisjan Pauw

Historically a business-friendly center and international financial hub, New York is not that welcoming to crypto.

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Bitcoin For America: Cryptocurrencies In Campaign Finance

MAY 31, 2018 | by Kirill Bryanov

In the wake of the 2018 election cycle, candidates turn to crypto donations to fill their coffers.

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7 Myths About Ethereum Decentralization

MAY 29, 2018 | by Julia Magas

7 signs of centralization in the Ethereum blockchain which is supposed to be purely decentralized.

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Iran: Crypto Adoption or Rejection?

MAY 29, 2018 | by Gareth Jenkinson

Iran is exploring the use of cryptocurrencies as a means to work around international sanctions that inhibit trade with other countries.

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