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World Bank’s Blockchain-Based Bonds — A Step Toward Adoption?

13 HOURS AGO | by Gareth Jenkinson

The World Bank’s blockchain-based bond — is it blazing a trail for the adoption of distributed ledger technology in the banking system?

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Bull or Bear? How SEC Actions Correlate With Market Prices

AUG 13, 2018 | by Stephen O'Neal

The markets have crashed after the latest SEC decision.

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Bears for Crypto, Bulls for ICOs: 2018 Market Positive Statistics

AUG 12, 2018 | by Darryn Pollock

Despite a change in public sentiment toward ICOs and stronger regulatory pressure, ICOs show growth and health for the space in the first half of 2018.

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Can Crypto Exchanges Be Trusted With Hard Forks?

AUG 09, 2018 | by Stephen O'Neal

Chinese BTC investor has sued OKCoin for claiming his Bitcoin Cash.

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Which Countries Are Best to Start Blockchain Projects?

AUG 09, 2018 | by Darryn Pollock

Some countries are far more welcoming than others when it comes to their cryptocurrency regulations.

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Blockchain in Media: How Can Blockchain Fight Piracy?

AUG 08, 2018 | by Craig Adeyanju

Rights management, bounty hunting and content surveillance — how will blockchain help with these?

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Bounty Hunt Gone Wrong: ‘Unhackable’ Wallet Bitfi Denies It Has Been Hacked

AUG 07, 2018 | by Stephen O'Neal

Despite firing their social media employee, Bitfi continues to threaten their critics via social media.

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Chamber of Digital Commerce Report, Reviewed

AUG 07, 2018 | by Stephen O'Neal

On July 30, the Chamber of Digital Commerce proposed guidelines for the “responsible growth” of the crypto market.

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Houston, We Have a Solution: Blockchain in the Space Industry

AUG 06, 2018 | by Stephen O'Neal

Blockchain is used both by NASA and startups hoping to democratize space.

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Money or Assets? How World Governments Define Cryptocurrencies

AUG 05, 2018 | by Simon Chandler

The world’s governments want to see cryptocurrencies as everything but what they really are.

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Institutional Investors and Fintech: Will Wall Street Go Head-First Into Crypto?

AUG 03, 2018 | by Gareth Jenkinson

Are mainstream financial institutions laying the necessary foundations to fully enter the cryptocurrency space?

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Is the Forex Market Ready to Go Blockchain? Some Banks Don’t Think So

AUG 03, 2018 | by Stephen O'Neal

Forex giant CLS gets ready to roll out its blockchain payment service for banks.

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Blockchain in Media: How Blockchain Can Help Advertising

AUG 02, 2018 | by Craig Adeyanju

Advertising lacks the transparency of data and process. Blockchain offers the transparency of data and process.

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Bitcoin Cash Celebrates Its First Birthday: From a Hard Fork to Easy Going

AUG 01, 2018 | by Gareth Jenkinson

As Bitcoin Cash celebrates its first birthday, we take a look at the journey that led to the birth of the controversial Bitcoin fork.

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Will Blockchain Protect the World Economy from Financial Crises?

JUL 31, 2018 | by Kirill Bryanov

Ex-VP at J.P. Morgan Chase said that blockchain could have prevented the 2008 financial crisis. And he is not the first one to suggest this.

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