Crypto Payment Gateway Supports Largest Global Meditation, Waives Fees for Users Who Help

SEP 21, 2018 | by Nick Bakursky

The weekend of Sept. 21-Sept. 23 will host over 1300 events, including the largest global meditation of millions of people for the Guinness Book of World Record...

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Streaming Platform for Gamers Starts Public Beta Testing of Its Own Blockchain

SEP 20, 2018 | by Kira Egorova

A streaming company launches its new blockchain to let viewers, streamers and esports tournament organizers monetize on streaming games.

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Startup Launches Blockchain Powered Electric Vehicles That Mine Cryptocurrency

SEP 19, 2018 | by Eddie Mitchell

A Singapore startup is tackling transport carbon emissions with blockchain-enabled electric vehicles that mine cryptocurrency for the user as a reward.

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Platform Allows Content Creators to Sell Footage to News Media Via Blockchain Auction

SEP 14, 2018 | by Maria Yavuz

Users can upload their photos and videos to the platform and get the “best deal” from the media with a new auction system. All the rewards are made in tokens.

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New Crypto Exchange Aims to Become Leading Platform in Europe by 2020

SEP 13, 2018 | by Connor Blenkinsop

An upcoming cryptocurrency exchange says it will keep exhaustive accounting records that are regularly audited — and make efforts to comply with the regulations...

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New Platform Allows Businesses to Launch Their Own Cryptocurrency Exchange

SEP 12, 2018 | by Kira Egorova

In addition to a desktop web platform, customers are provided with mobile — Android and iOS — native apps.

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Decentralized Platform to Substantially Reduce Streaming Commission Fees to 0.77 Percent

SEP 12, 2018 | by Connor Blenkinsop

A new blockchain-based platform is aiming to substantially reduce the commission streamers pay on their earnings from loyal fans and advertisers.

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Startup Promising Instant Crypto Transactions to Develop Network for Chinese TV

SEP 11, 2018 | by Nick Bakursky

A company states its technology provides almost instantaneous transaction speed and solves the blockchain scaling problem.

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Car Retail Startup to Launch Blockchain Marketplace With Live Vehicle History Data

SEP 10, 2018 | by Eddie Mitchell

A U.K.-based blockchain startup has created a car retail platform with a tailor-made exchange. It allows users to buy cars with crypto and provides data on the ...

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Crypto Wallet Provider Released New App to Store Collectibles and Game Assets

SEP 10, 2018 | by Maria Yavuz

The company claims their product is the first “real” mobile application on the market that is not based on built-in browsers.

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Monero Wallet Provider Releases Web-Based Wallet for Tor Browser

SEP 10, 2018 | by Eddie Mitchell

Users can send and receive private and untraceable cryptocurrency through what claims to be the first Monero web wallet for the anonymous Tor network.

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Blockchain Galaxy Game Enables Players to Build Spaceships, Buy Virtual Planets For Crypto

SEP 07, 2018 | by Maria Yavuz

A new game is allowing players to build their own battleship using modules stored on blockchain.

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Lenovo Partners With Blockchain Platform to Develop Its IoT and AR/VR Hybrid Software

SEP 07, 2018 | by Nick Bakursky

Lenovo intends to incorporate a blockchain solution to streamline internal operations management procedures.

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Blockchain-Based E-Commerce Platform to Help Merchants Open Shops Without Startup Capital

SEP 06, 2018 | by Connor Blenkinsop

A new e-commerce ecosystem wants to help small merchants thrive, while giving social media users the opportunity to generate income.

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Crypto Wallet Vows to Make Transferring Funds as Simple as ‘Sending a Text’

SEP 06, 2018 | by Connor Blenkinsop

The team behind “one of the world’s most secure mobile cryptocurrency wallets” is hoping to offer simple and easy access to millions of unbanked people.

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