Blockchain Set to Change the Face of Commercial Real Estate As We Know It

NOV 11, 2018 | by Hazel Agoni

i-House.com has revealed its plans to create a global real estate marketplace that combines blockchain technology with traditional real estate methods.

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New Crypto Battle Game Launches Where Skills, Not Collectibles, Matter

NOV 10, 2018 | by Connor Blenkinsop

A new crypto game sees players send their warriors into battle to gain experience and rare artefacts, with strategy and skill key ingredients to their success.

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Drug Barons, Rogue States and Terror Groups Use Banks – Can Blockchain Stop Them?

NOV 09, 2018 | by Connor Blenkinsop

Banks have been intentionally – and unwittingly – doing business with drug kingpins and rogue nations. A blockchain network says it can help them avoid eye-wate...

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Can Blockchain Save Anime? Startup to Protect the Culture from ‘Unavoidable’ Decline

NOV 08, 2018 | by Connor Blenkinsop

Overseas sales for Japanese anime are rising, but revenues for creators are stagnant. A startup is embracing blockchain to help the culture survive and grow.

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How’s This for Starters? App to Offer ‘Generous’ Discounts and Loyalty Schemes for Diners

NOV 08, 2018 | by Connor Blenkinsop

A blockchain-based startup says it is near impossible for small food businesses to survive, and is offering a platform to drive down costs and boost customer lo...

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Blockchain Firm Upgrades App in Quest to Reduce Fatal Air Accidents

NOV 07, 2018 | by Connor Blenkinsop

A blockchain platform which aims to improve flight safety upgrades its app for pilots and engages in “intensive interactions” with aviation authorities around t...

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‘Free Transactions Cleared in Five Seconds’: Platform to Help Businesses Use Blockchain

NOV 07, 2018 | by Connor Blenkinsop

A startup is aiming to woo social networks, gaming companies, payment providers and other businesses through a blockchain platform that benefits them and their ...

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‘World’s Most Bulletproof Crypto’: Company to Create a Coin Backed by Swiss Franc

NOV 06, 2018 | by Maria Yavuz

This new coin can be used for online payments or money transfer services like PayPal.

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How to Profit on Uber and AirBnB With Crypto: Project Helps Investing in IT Companies

NOV 06, 2018 | by Nick Bakursky

A U.S. based blockchain project, unveils a new security token concept that allows investing in private IT companies, like Uber, AirBnB, Grab, among others.

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‘Creating DApps Can Be Simple’: Platform to Bring Decentralized Economy to Mass Adoption

NOV 05, 2018 | by Maria Yavuz

A project is intended to make blockchain more easy-to-use and flexible for regular users and developers.

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Trading Matchmaker: Platform Pairs Clients With Financial Experts

NOV 05, 2018 | by Nick Bakursky

The platform aims to be the leader in follow trading with Asia’s first cryptotrader incubation program.

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New Cryptopunk Game: Players Fight in Futuristic Post-Apocalyptic World to Get Real Prizes

NOV 03, 2018 | by Maria Yavuz

A new mobile “multi-blockchain” game, supporting a whole range of different cryptocurrencies, is ready to be launched in late November 2018

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Crypto Wallet Opens ‘Most Secure Trading Platform on the Market’ With Fixed Rates

NOV 02, 2018 | by Maria Yavuz

The exchange platform is integrated into a mobile cryptocurrency wallet. Transferring money via this service is “as simple as sending a text.”

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‘We Can Make Any Device a Crypto ATM’: 170,000 Shops Globally to Sell Bitcoin, Altcoins

NOV 01, 2018 | by Maria Yavuz

A new virtual crypto ATM software which allows people to buy or sell cryptocurrency at any retail location that has a checkout. The only thing required by custo...

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Intel Meets Blockchain: Cloud Computing Platform Releases New Solution For Data Protection

NOV 01, 2018 | by Nick Bakursky

The company says it released a new way to leverage Intel SGX enclaves to run DApps at the highest level of security.

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