NFT Ignition

Danielle Davis, also known as NFT Ignition, joins DKleine to talk about the plethora of projects in which she is involved including ZUZ protocol and CryptoArena. The two discuss her artistic creations and her amusing experiences with trading crypto.

Gareth Emery

World-renowned DJ and music producer Gareth Emery joins DKleine to discuss his upcoming drops on Nifty Gateway. He explains the process involved in building the pieces and shares his excitement for the potential impact of NFT technology in the music industry. 

BB Studios

Ben from BBStudios joins DKleine to discuss the Graffiti Queens show hosted in Decentraland. The pair then delve into topics such as Tezos and the new Hic Et Nunc platform, the ecological benefits of blockchain innovation, and their ever-growing collection of works.

Rogan X

Rogan X joins DKleine to discuss the vast potential for widespread benefits of blockchain technology and of the cryptoart movement, in particular. The pair discuss his art and his newfound job equipping future blockchain developers.


SamJ joins DKleine on NFP, beginning with a discussion about the social elements of the NFT art industry. The pair then move on to discussing the artsist's creations on Foundation and SuperRare.

John Constantine

John Constantine joins DKleine to talk about the unique process of using NFC technology in his paintings as a bridge between physical art and digital technology. The two discuss his work with carbon fiber as a painting surface and his interests in innovating with NFTs as a new tool of...

Pussy Riot

Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, founding member of Pussy Riot joins DKleine to talk about her foray into NFTs with the series called "PANIC ATTACK" on Foundation that is raising money to shelter women suffering from domestic abuse. The pair discuss the need for broad change in Russia and the problems of corruption...

Bobbi Cai

Bobbi Cai joins DKleine to discuss her artistic works on SuperRare as well as her poster and sticker merch on artistsourced.com and Bobbi Cai Stickers. She shares about her plans to set up a physical shop for all of her creations. 

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