Rutger VanDerTas and Niels Broszat

Rutger VanDerTas and Niels Broszat drop in from the Guild to chat with DKleine. Niels Broszat and DKleine begin by discussing the horrors of colonialism and the growing calls for reconciliation and compensation for victims of Canada's residential school system. Rutger VanDerTas then joins in the conversation, which focuses on...

Tory Bryant

Award-winning artist Tory Bryant joins DKleine to chat about her recent entry into the NFT scene following years of experience developing 3D printing technologies used in stop-motion film-making and advertising. The pair discuss the messages behind her work and the call to address systematic problems in modern society.


Brothers Nicholas and Brendan Overstreet of the luxury fashion and accessories brand, Boysterous, join DKleine to talk about the recent launch of Boysterous NFTs on WAX. They discuss the ongoing NFT-blending event that gives participants the opportunity to hold, trade, and even redeem unique tokens in exchange for one-of-a-kind hand-made...

Dearest Haley

Dearest Haley joins DKleine for a humorous chat about the artist's recent move and topics such as inclusion and controversial Twitter blasts. The two discuss Haley's works in their favored medium, polymer clay, and plans for the coming months. 


Artist WGMeets joins DKleine to discuss his abstract art, his early foray into NFTs as one of the OG's, Twitter's entry into the NFT space, and upcoming goals with his creations.

Wild Sun Collective

Brothers Shakil and Ehsan Ahmad of Wild Sun Collective join DKleine to discuss their unique efforts to disrupt the literary publishing industry via NFT technology. Along with a new novella, a collection of creative works including 1/1 art pieces based on the Wild Sun franchise will be published as NFTs...

It’s Digi

Artist and rapper It's Digi joins DKleine to discuss his latest musical creations. The pair talk about current events in the cryptoart world and innovations in alternative NFT platforms on blockchains like WAX and Tezos. 

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