Barry Silbert continues to shock his fans with the bold moves that made him one of the shrewdest Bitcoin investors in the world. After Silbert founded SecondMarket, a New York based liquid assets marketplace, in 2004 he built the business into one of the largest as its CEO. In 2013 however he invested $2 million in the Bitcoin Investment Trust (BIT) that was separate from SecondMarket but of which he was also CEO. Then, earlier this year he announced plans to open a fully regulated trading exchange in New York, in direct competition with the NASDAQ which also has plans to launch a virtual currency trading platform in less than a year.

- Bitcoin Investment Trust, Homepage

But now Barry Silbert has resigned his position with SecondMarket and at the same time separated it from BIT, which is essentially a private trust. Silbert says that the company that he founded will be fine without his guiding hand and that his attentions were best directed completely with Bitcoin:

“I have chosen to move on from day-to-day management of the private company/fund business so that I can focus 100% of my energy on our digital currency business. My passion for bitcoin is no secret and I feel it is the right time to make this transition.”

- Mr. Silbert himself

Silbert has already announced earlier this year that he intended to separate BIT from Second Market because BIT was pledged for the building of the promised regulated exchange. Bill Siegel will take over the reins of SecondMarket for the interim until the Board can elect a permanent replacement and Silbert will be able to add yet another surprise to his already impressive resume. Silbert has been serving as CEO for both companies while at the same time investing in more than 30 different Bitcoin companies, including one of his newest investments, Volabit and all through Bitcoin Opportunity Corp, another fund specifically set up for Bitcoin investing.

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